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Why Your Business Needs to Practice Email Verification

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05 Oct. 2020

Recently, marketers have witnessed an increase in email engagement, bringing email marketing under the spotlight yet again. Email marketing is essentially one of the most common practices of any business.

Emails are a primary means of inter-communication between business and customer. While email might seem like a traditional means of communication, marketers who run segmented campaigns noted up to a 760% increase in revenue.

Now, it all comes down to your Email subscriber lists. Your subscriber list is the lifeline of your marketing campaign. But to keep your subscriber list up to date and make the most of it, you need to practice Email Verification. 

What Is Email Verification, And How Does It Help Grow Your Business?

Email verification is as simple as verifying a new account that you open, and you instantly receive a verification email on your primary account asking you to verify your account before you can use it. 

Whether you own a blog or an e-commerce website, building a verified mailing list is crucial for effective engagement and marketing. As per a case study by Marketing Sherpa, Email addresses degrade at a 22% per annum rate. That means if you have a mailing list of 10,000 people, you will lose over 2,200 people per year.

Considering the 22% loss of clientele from your subscriber list, it needs periodic updates and verification. Apart from this, with many people creating new accounts each day, the previous ones are often discarded.

The change in email account is usually because the client wants to migrate to a different mailing service. Or they get a promotion in their organization and are forced to change their email.

While they might get a replacement email, but the mailing list that they are subscribed to still has their old email account. This directly affects your mailing list, and your promotional emails end up in dead or inactive accounts.

List building might be stress-free because all you have to do is get people to sign up for your mailing list through blog content, lead magnets, and otherlist building tools. However, it isn’t the only advantage of Email verification, it also ensures that the Email accounts that you have in your subscriber lists are active and that they belong to your potential clientele.

Email Verification: How Does It Affect You?

Statistically, over 22% of the emails in your subscriber list might not be valid after a year. This drastically affects your digital marketing, here’s what happens when you don’t verify emails.

Email Verification: How Does It Work?

Email verification involves a few steps that can improve the overall deliverability of your Emails. To help you understand this better here is a detailed insight on how email verification works.

You can either upload them to a verification service or by using an API that checks your Email addresses.

Email Verification: Benefits

Email marketing being one of the best digital channels to promote your business, provide B2C interaction, and improve your overall ROI. Email marketing produces a whopping 4400% ROI. Efficient email marketing requires verification of your subscriber list. Here’s how you could benefit from this.

Reduces the number of Emails that are bounced –Email verification provides you with a detailed analysis of what emails are active. Provided with this information, you can update your subscriber list and reduce the bounce rate of your emails.

Better customer engagement –Since Email verification removes inactive addresses from your mailing list, your customer engagement is drastically improved. You will get better insights on what they are looking for and then provide them with targeted emails through CBT Mass Email Sender based on their priorities.

Increased overall Return on investment (ROI) –An up to date and verified mailing list means you’re sending out emails to active clients and more people will receive your targeted emails and interact with them. Hence, you get an increased overall ROI.

Key Takeaways


For a digital marketer, email verification enhances the subscriber list, and it can improve B2C interaction, making the campaign more engaging. With lower bounce rates, almost 100% of emails are delivered to the potential customers, resulting in an increased ROI. It saves both time and resources and directs them to profitable activities, enhancing the total outcome.

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