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Why Email design matter?

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04 Jan 2021

Email marketing allows you to hit your prospects by directly approaching their inboxes. Grabbing the opportunity to reach your target and turn them into your clients does not merely depend on Email content. Great content is not enough to properly convey your intended message or anticipated product; it needs to be accurately and adequately designed. Email design is of paramount importance because sometimes a lack of proper design stops you from getting the campaign's ideal results. Email designing is not even that tough to apply. There are no rigid rules to email designing. CBT mass email sender helps its clients to design an effective email marketing campaign. You have to check for the right font, color, size, image, etc. Here is an explanation of why you need to design your emails correctly;

1. Uplifts a Great Content

Quality content is essential. But it is of no gain if not adequately presented. Great content deserves to be presented carefully, so designing it correctly can uplift the entire content and help get it perceived accurately.

2. Grab Reader's Attention

Your subject line and a complete professional outlook grab your reader's attention. As the first thing, he reads is the subject line, and with that, he will unconsciously observe your email design. If his mind finds them in harmony and gives a good impact, he will continue reading your email's body. Otherwise, he will leave it right there, or even worse; he can unsubscribe too. So it is essential to design it correctly.

3. Drive Conversions Rate

Conversion means when your prospects turn into your client. And your conversion rate determined the success rate of your campaign. A good design will uplift the entire email content, and an amazing experience while reading can convert your prospects to believe in your product that leads them to turn into your clients.

4. Good Impression

How professionally your designs look will make it leave a good impression on the reader's mind. A good impression is the first thing that allows you to get personally connected with your reader.

5. Foster Engagement with Prospects

A professionally designed email contributes to the branding of the product. Have you ever replied to the company's email? Did you sense the thing that impelled you to give a response? This must be the professional outlook that you have responded to them.

6. Set up Assurance

When you stride with the same email typography, every time your prospect will read your email, their mind will automatically recall the last one, and this way, it turned to be a trustable brand.

7. Readability

A well-presented email increases the legibility of the content, optimizes its clarity and readability. And readable content does not trouble your reader to comprehend it. Hence, it gives a good email reading experience.

8. Builds Company's image

Evolve your writing style, font, background color, typeface specifically for your brand. Appear every time with the same design and same tone will make your brand's good image get embedded in your reader's subconscious mind. Slowly he will start to get engaged with your emails.

9. Well-constructed Email

A well-constructed email engrossed readers. So they keep on reading the email out of curiosity; Where it leads to? And this increases your click-through rates.

10. Portrays brand's identity

Email design portrays your brand's identity. Font, color, sizing, sequence, everything is coordinated according to the company's logo. If correctly imposed, these uplift the brand's identity and build a strong image in the reader's mind about its identity.

11. Optimizes Perception

As stated earlier, quality content is not everything. Instead, it will fail to catch the attention of your prospects if not correctly designed. Your design will let the reader perceive it rightly. And this way, it builds your brand's Perception in the reader's mind.

12. Profitability

A good email design holds the reader's attention until the end and when they click-through the landing page, the chances for conversion increase, increasing the click-through and conversion rate. And leads to the sale process and increases profitability.

13. Reflects Professionalism

A well-designed email reflects Professionalism. Because if your email is not sequenced and well-presented, it will look like you have not given proper attention to make your email look good. And even when a reader opens an email, the first thing he unconsciously notices is the email's overall look.

14. Subscriber's Satisfaction

The professionally designed email automatically induces interest in the reader's mind that it is not a scam and can rely on your brand's product, promoting trust and customer satisfaction.

15. Mobile-friendly Design

When you design your email with proper optimization and device friendly fonts, it makes your reader have a good reading experience throughout, and a good reading lasts in one's mind.

16. Stand out among the crowd

A regular office person receives 80 emails on average. Why would he open your email?

It will be because of the outlook that makes you stand among the crowd. Your company's image, branding, trust everything starts with an open rate.

17. Low Clicks and Unsubscribe Rate

Unprofessional, informal, or over flourishing email design make such a harmful impact; it does not matter how well your content was; it will be of no use. Your subscriber will leave it and will not read any of your emails in the future. It is a big turnoff that can even let them unsubscribe you.

18. Set it and forget it? automated response

An automated auto-responder is a common practice these days. But it is important to design the auto-respond messages to get the ideal outcomes wisely. Because rough looks will prove to be a turnoff for the reader. Design some specific responses in your regular style. So it won't create a big difference.

19. Email Marketing strategy

A competent email design will glorify your email marketing campaign. It will add up to convey the intended message more efficiently and will build a perception in your reader's mind as a professional and reliable brand.

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