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Which Email Sender Name Best Practices Fit Your Brand?

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04 Jan 2021

During the email marketing campaign, the factor that influences the success of the campaign the most is the sender's name. It defines whether the recipient will open the email or not. Email sender name builds the brand reputation, but it is mostly overlooked in email campaigns.

The email sender's name is very important, and from the sender's name, the recipients get the idea of who is sending the mail. It is as important as a subject line for getting the email opened. It determines whether the email will be opened or will be ignored.

This article is intended to find out the best sender names for your email marketing. After reading it, you will be able to figure out which sender name practice fits your brand.

What is the sender's name?

The sender name is the name displayed in the inbox of the recipients when any brand sends an email to its clients. It is different from the email address, and it usually consists of 20 to 30 characters.

Four qualities of the sender name

A sender's name in email marketing is usually not appreciated the way it must be.

According to research conducted in America, it was found out that almost 45% of recipients read the sender's name before opening any particular mail.

If your sender name is not credible for the recipient, he/ she won't even make an effort to open the email, no matter how much struggle you have put in to craft an enticing subject line.

But the plus point of the sender name is that you don't need to change the sender name every time you send an email. That is the case with the subject line. You need to optimize your sender name and choose the one that best fits your brand and your campaign.

You must be thinking that why the sender name is so important, the reason is that your recipients are going to have an idea about who you are from your sender name. A sender name helps to build the following factors


Your recipients look at your brand name to identify whether you are legal or spam.

The best way to build trust is to use the brand name, and then people would identify you as something important for them.

Make sure that your email must have some name that can either be the brand name or the person dealing with email marketing. As simple emails likes

[email protected] is something that is not considered trustworthy.

Also, make sure that you are not sending your mass emails from mailbox service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. It will ruin your campaign by spamming you.

Brand recognition

The next element in the sender name is brand recognition because most of the brands use their names as sender names.

Even if you send newsletters, try to include your brand name with your name like "John from XYZ company."

Try to include the most important information about your brand in the "from name section" to build your brand recognition.


When you find some good sender name for your email campaign, stick to it to build brand recognition. If you change your name every time you send an email to your clients, it will ruin your credibility.


You are now done with the important and basic steps to build a good brand name. Now, the next step is to refine your name. Like you have baked the cake, and now this step will teach you how to do the icing.

For different categories of emails, use different sender names. Like for transactional emails, use a different name; for order confirmation, use a different name.

Different types of sender names

Following are the different name ideas that you can use to figure out the best sender name for your email marketing practice.

Brand name

As discussed above, it has become clear how important a brand name is for building trust, brand recognition, and credibility.

People sign in for your emails because they love your brand, and when you use the brand name in the emails sender section, you are arousing the love they have for your brand. Using the brand name makes people realize that they are important for a brand.

First name from the brand

The next trick to devise the sender name is to use the first name of the sender working in the brand and is managing the email campaign.

Like you can you, the sender names like "Joe from CBT."

Don't try to use full name if your name is lengthy,limiting the brand name.

Full name

If you are some influencer or some renowned public leader, it is suggested for you to use your name because your audience recognizes you and loves to listen to you.

Service you provide

The aim of sending an email is to let your audience know about your product or service.

Some companies that use different sender names for different types of emails reveal the message's content through the sender's name.

The sender's name can include the brand name with the information about their service like the brand name CBT mass email sender itself provide the information about the service they offer.

You are a large company, and you send a large number of automated emails, then use your brand name or first name of the person to let your recipients feel personalized.

Final words

The information provided above about the technique or best practices you can imply reveals your campaign's best sender name. These are some simple tricks that help you find out some effective sender name that must ensure a remarkable increase in the email open rates.

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