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When Should You Send Emails? Here Are the Days and Times that Work Best

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07 Jan 2021

59% of new subscribers do not open your emails, which leaves you with only 41% who occasionally do. But do you ever wonder when should you send emails to them? Or what time of the day works best for them? Everything in the world requires proper planning, and so does sending emails.

You write an email with all the finishing touches, you even add an artsy signature, but you couldn’t wait for the right time and send it at a vague hour. Now you might send it out in the best possible form, but the timing just isn’t right, and you don’t receive your targeted number of opens and clicks per email.

We have all been there, and there’s a pretty simple reason behind this. People are more active on certain days of the week.

If you’re looking for a simple answer, let me put you at ease. Tuesdays and Thursdays work best compared to other days. Your emails will get more clicks, and most opens if you send them out on these days.

Here’s a detailed insight on what days would give you more clicks and opens;

Days That Work Best And Why They Work Best

Numerous researches and data analysis on this topic go against each other. One would tell you to send out emails on Monday because it is the first day of the week; others would prefer Wednesday because it is the 3rd day of the week.

While they might look like the perfect days to send emails, but, they still don’t get your desired number of clicks and opens. After thorough research and compiling different research results, we came up with the following outcomes.

A data analysis study conducted by Omnisend concluded that the best day to send out promotional emails is Thursday, with up to a whopping 21% open rate. It is closely followed by Tuesday, with up to 20% open rates.

In contrast, GetResponse’s day to day analysis concludes that Monday is a close second when it comes to getting higher open rates.

While Saturday and Sunday seem to be the worst days in terms of email opens, the company’s research demonstrates that the number of emails sent during the weekend is significantly lower than the weekdays.

To further deduce this, Campaign Monitor's data analysis sees eye to eye with the two studies giving the first place to Thursday, followed by Tuesday for higher open and click rates, respectively.

If you’re planning on sending one email per client, Tuesday is what would get you more opens and clicks. In contrast, if you’re planning on sending two emails per week, Thursday would get you more opens and clicks on your second email of the week.

Set your email-sending day according to your target, which might either be to get more opens or clicks.

Targeted Days For More Potential Opens

Most organizations primarily aim for higher open rates. If your organization is aiming for more open rates, try sending out your emails on Thursdays.

Targeted Days For More Potential Clicks

On the other hand, if your organization is aiming for higher click rates and making your subscribers interact with your emails, try sending out your promotional emails on Tuesdays.

Well, you’ve got a partial answer on when should you send emails, the next problem that surfaces is what time should you send emails.

Time Of The Day That Works Best

Every marketer and organization is aiming for that prime time when your customers are available and you can see some clicks and opens on your email. But not all of us around here have an idea of what might be the best suitable time to send emails.

There’s no hard and fast rule to send out your emails, but according to thorough research and compiling data from different data analysis, we have come up with some concluding results.

As per the saying “Early to bed, Early to rise” most of the professionals are up early and, every one of us, checks for emails as soon as we wake up. 6 am is the prime time to send out emails so that they could be the first thing in the notifications when your potential subscribers wake up.

While 6 am might work for most marketers, 10 am has been the most popular according to different studies. Sending out late morning emails tend to receive more clicks and opens.

Next on the list is 2 pm, it is usually the lunch break, or break has just ended for different people. People are often checking out of work or are distracted by their phone. You will have more success with emails sent out around 2 pm.

8 pm is usually when most of us have just had dinner and are planning on going to bed, this is when almost 80% of the people check their phones. It could bring out serious clicks and opens for many marketers and organizations.

Key Takeaways:

The most recommended email sending hours during the day are 6 am, 10 am, 2 pm and 8 pm.


If you’re a marketer, you now know precisely when and to whom should you send emails. Both the factors are significant to get more opens and clicks. Hence, you need to have an appropriate list of target customers. But if you don’t, you need a web scraper and email extractor.

Moreover, if you fail to send emails on the prime time, CBT Mass Email Sender comes to the rescue. It allows you to reach your clients in a user-friendly way with precision scheduling of your emails. Find out more email marketing related products at

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