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When Should You Send Emails? Here Are the Best Time and Day to Schedule Your Email Campaigns

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05 Jan 2021

If you're an email marketer, you must be wondering that what should be the appropriate time in a day to send out your emails and what are the suitable days in a week for this purpose. The answer to the question "what is the best time and day to send time emails" can be "it depends and varies with situations."

You will get a detailed overview of these conditions and how the optimum time for sending emails changes. Before moving forward, let's discuss what is being covered in the article.

● What is the best time to send emails?

● What is the best day in a week to send emails?

● How to analyze what time and day suit you and your Audience?

● Several tips to attract more traffic to your blog.

When you ask experts about the "Best time and day for sending emails," you will probable get the same answer, i.e., "best time and day to send emails varies from business to business," which is ultimately the most accurate answer one can give. According to several studies, there is no best day to send emails, which can be considered universal. Whereas if you are willing to learn from others' experience, you may try days and times suggested by the majority.

The Studies on Email Marketing

There are several studies on email marketing, but none assures the exact time of day, which can provide guaranteed results. You can analyze the studies and compare the best time according to the frequency of the suggestions. Collect suitable pieces and solve your puzzle.

Research studies

Getresponse, Mailchimp, Wordstream, CampaignMonitor, and Getresponse, Hubspot researched to find out the best time and day to send emails.


Mailchimp found a spike in open rate on Thursdays with a second spike on Tuesdays, whereas Getresponse showed a spike in inbox rate on Thursdays, followed by Wednesdays. Further studies by Mailchimp and Getresponse suggested Thursday and Tuesday as significant days for email marketing.

What Is the Best Day in a week To Send Emails?

According to the researches mentioned above about the optimal time and day to send emails, one should schedule emails in the following order.

● Tuesday

Tuesday undoubtedly is the best day to send emails to gain attention. Several studies showed that people are most professional and emotional on Tuesday and more acceptable towards work and stress.

● Thursday

Thursday is again considered a practical day to generate clicks and opens if you prefer to send emails twice a week.

● Wednesday

Wednesday being mid of the week, is also an essential day for email marketing.

● Saturday

Some studies suggest Saturday as the best day to send emails because of the high discount email rate. We can say that Saturday might work for product based email marketing, as people tend to shop more on weekends.

What Is the Best Time in a day To Send Emails?

Generally, working hours, 9-11 am with a spike at 10 pm, and 1-3 pm with a spike at 2 pm are suggested as the best time to send emails by most of the studies on email marketing.

However, It doesn't mean that you cannot send emails after working hours or in the afternoon. Several types of research and studies have shown that many people check their emails before going to bed.

● 10 am can work best for office going Audience. For instance, if your email is related to an insurance plan, your target audience must be between 25-40 years. You can send them your best offers when they are most stressed about their future, i.e., during working hours.

● 2 pm may also work as people tend to check their emails, especially on their phones during lunch or break time. Generating some clicks from homemakers during this hourseems to be easy.

● 8 pm, yes, it's unusual, but several studies argue that 8 pm might work for you as people check their inbox before going to bed. Here targeting teenagers might be more effective.

● 6 am can get clicks from screen addicts. Many people worldwide have a habit of checking their phones/emails the first thing in the morning.

● It Depends

"It Depends" Can Not Be Ignored. Nobody can guarantee that scheduling your emails according to the statistics will give the desired results because, in the end, you cannot rely on the stats and graphs of some studies.

Ultimately email marketing depends on your niche and customer habit. The best solution is to analyze your chart. Schedule your emails on the days and times mentioned above and study which day and time work best for you.


If you are not getting the desired results, then follow these tips.

Email Marketing Tips

● Busy Mondays are considered not a very good time to send marketing emails as most people don't check their emails on weekends, pilling up a good number of emails waiting to be read on Mondays. The first thing they might do is trash all emails.

● Mobile-Friendly Emails might privilege you as 61.9% of email opens are on mobile devices, whereas only 9.8% check their emails on desktop.

● Subject Line plays an important role when it comes to opens and clicks. A good subject line is an effective way to grab attention, especially when marketing any product.

● Event Oriented Emails should be sent out at least 2 to 3 days before. No doubt, 23% of the emails are checked within 60 minutes. You might want the remaining number to be your Audience.

● Customer Email Habits are ways to determine the best suitable time to write to your Audience. Analyze it carefully.

● Targeting the Audience also seems helpful. For instance, if your emails are tech-related, most probably, your target audience is youth. Understanding their email/mobile usage habits might help you generate good traffic.

● Do Not Bombardthe inbox of your subscriber or customer. Nobody likes that.

Final words

If you want to send your emails in bulk to your target audience and want to know the perfect time and day, consult CBM mass email sender.

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