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What’s An Email Blast?

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04 Jan 2021

An email blast is the quickest and most cost-effective marketing strategy. However, marketers are still divided about its effectiveness and stigma. Here in this article, we’ll dive into the details of email blasts to help you decide its importance for your marketing campaign.

Insight into Email Blast

An email blast is a strategy to send a single email to a large number of customers simultaneously. This method targets the maximum number of recipients in the minimum time. It enhances marketer’s chances of advertising and marketing their product and retaining the bulk clients.

Most marketers consider email blasts spammy but it is just a misconception because spam emails are unsolicited. Regardless of your type of business, you can always look up to email blast to quickly reach out to a larger audience without shelling out your precious cash.

It was never easy for marketers to be heard by such a massive number of customers. It can be used for a variety of campaigns including product launches, contests, etc. They can be equally advanced like any other email with 360-degree images, videos, GIFs, and much more. It is used by thousands of marketers to extend and market their businesses in a better and more profound way.

Email blasts have a better chance to increase the ROI (Return On investment). Some marketers prefer to use a coherent and more pleasant word -email campaign. An email blast should follow CAN-SPAM ACT (a law that sets the rule for commercial emailing and entitles the recipients to cease emails from particular senders) and should have an unsubscribe link.

When opting for an email blast, you have to be very strategic and meticulous with your emails -in their entirety. You must focus on every inch of your email to make sure you get something positive out of it and not go unnoticed or spammed. The section below discusses some of the most effective ways to ensure a successful email blast.

Effective Strategies To Enhance Your Email Marketing

People often get blasted by emails from different brands. You need to make sure that your brand stands out from the rest of them. Here are a few of the strategies to make your email blast worth hearing loud and clear.

1. Be Creative

Creativity is the key when it comes to email marketing. You need to bring in creative and intriguing ideas to keep the readers entertained and hook to your brand for a long time. Here are some quick ideas to ensure that

2. Understand The Psychology Of The Customer

For a successful email marketing strategy, you need to understand the psychology of your clients. There has been a fair deal of research on this topic to distill some of the hacks to make use of psychology in email marketing. Let’s see a few of them.


Showing the limitation of the product makes the product look more valuable especially when it is available for a short period of time. For example, if you visit you will see notifications showing there are only a few rooms left and how frequently rooms are booked in the past few hours.


People like to buy things which are recommended by their friends, celebrities and nowadays influencers too. Add social proof to increase sales. It can be your customer reviews or number of followers on different social media sites.


Give fewer choices. Lots of options can overwhelm customers and cause buying paralysis. Hence, try to offer the most relevant products only. For other products, you can use other different marketing strategies, like social media promotion.

3. Segmentation Technique

Segmentation is a process of organizing the recipients into small categories based on the characteristics you find useful like their age, gender, location, interests, purchase history, etc. Then you can deliver content that resonates with each group, rather than blasting the same messages to everyone. Since your customers are different, treating them, all the same, is counterproductive. Thus, create an effective segmentation technique to add rocket effect in the ROI.

4. Tracking Click-Throughs

Click-through rate is a marketing metric that measures how often your email was clicked. Monitoring the click-throughs improves the effectiveness of the campaign because it lets you calculate the performance of every mail sent in bulk. Once your campaign is on the way you can track the clicked links by using different software available.

5. Innovation

To be a part of the ever-changing landscape of email marketing, your need to frame personalized and interactive email marketing strategies. Your brand should be flexible to adapt to the changes it needs to raise sales. Make your brand recognizable from others by adding a brand name or logo in the preheader of the email. This is possible by using Brand Indicator for Message Identification (BIMI). It will not only increase brand visibility but also protect your brand from fraudulent emails.

6. Situate Your Email Campaign with Times

Design an email marketing strategy that documents how your business is affecting in present times. This will strengthen the bond between your business and the client by showing that you are adapting to the situation. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, you can send emails to the customers about how you are applying all the necessary safety and health measures in this prevailing pandemic to deliver your service.

7. Be Persuasive

Call-to-actions (CTA) are buttons that drive the customers to action. Make sure your CTA is attractive and show the recipient why it is worth their time. You should always end the email in a way that urges a customer to act on your call-to-action. CBT Mass Email Sender is a great tool to test your CTAs. Below are examples of very direct call-to-action.

An email blast is an excellent channel to funnel more revenue for your business. Follow email marketing best practices and always measure your result to boost your sales and achieve your goals.

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