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What to Look for When Selecting a New Email Marketing Platform for 2021

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06 Jan 2021

With email marketing bringing over $44 in revenue with every $1 spent, it is becoming an essential component in digital marketing campaigns, more and more marketers are moving towards email marketing to improve their businesses. Considering this whopping ROI of over 4400%, there's a wide variety of email marketing platforms available for the consumers.

With numerous email marketing platforms available, it gets challenging to choose the right platform for your business. Not every business is the same, it is unique and different from others in certain ways, but all email marketing platforms almost have the same features. Thereby, it gets challenging to pick the best for your business. Here are some features to look for when selecting a new email marketing platform to choose the right one.

Ease of integration with your pre-existing tools

Email service providers have kept all these considerations in mind, and they almost have the same features, benefits, and functionality. But when it comes to business organizations, they have different requirements.

Before you put your money into a new email marketing platform, it requires a critical analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the email marketing platform in contention. Here's a detailed insight into the factors to consider when selecting a new email marketing platform in 2021.

Email Marketing Platform for 2021: Considerations

Before moving towards a new email marketing platform, there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself.

· Will It Allow Me To Create The Experiences That I Require?

Email is the most favorable means of running digital marketing campaigns. The first thing that you need to question yourself is, will you be able to send out the right content to your clientele using this platform?

For instance, sending out an automated welcome email to each of your new subscribers, sending out automated abandoned cart messages at the right time, etc. Furthermore, providing your clientele with personalized experiences to provide them with relevant ideas and ensure that they continue doing business with you.

Besides, will it allow you to send automated action-driven emails? Such as sending out a win-back or a re-engagement email, promotional emails to your regular clientele, etc.

· Does It Offer Expected Deliverability?

Email deliverability is the ability to ensure that your emails are being received by your clientele. If deliverability is your primary concern, you need to look for review tools, technology, and the support available for you to ensure ideal deliverability.

You look for the following features in new email marketing platform ensure deliverability

· What is the Personalization Potential Of The Email Marketing Platform?

With billions of emails sent and received each day, personalized emails enable you to stand out amongst them. It also promotes healthy B2C relationships and long-lasting trust. When it comes to selecting a new email marketing platform for 2021, check the personalization potential of the platform.

It is the ability to make automated changes in the content to match each of your potential clienteles' behavior and preferences. It can drastically set your business apart from others who are just sending out the same emails in bulk.

· Does it Offer Dynamic Or Real-Time Content Support?

The 4th most crucial factor in selecting an email marketing platform is whether you get dynamic or real-time content support. Dynamic content is referred to as any digital content that adapts and changes based on your clients' behavior and actions.

Whereas, real-time content enables your customers to get up-to-date contentwhenever they choose to open your emails. This is also referred to as open-time content. These can either be countdown clocks for a future event or the beginning of a new season sale.

Furthermore, these can provide your customers with live updates on service or product availability and weather updates in the area for businesses related to travel services.

· Does if Provide Features Such As AI, Automation, And Analytics Support?

Running a successful email marketing campaigns require features such as AI, Automation, and Analytics support. Here's why they're crucial in email marketing campaigns in 2021.

AI –Artificial intelligence enhances your content by analyzing your recipient's behavior and aligning their interests with your services. It also helps you send out tailored emails to your potential clientele.

Automation –It is the process of sending action-triggered emails based on your recipient's activity on your website. As per statistics by Epsilon Email Institute, triggered emails have a 152% higher click-through rate.

Analytics –These provide you with real-time statistics on your email marketing campaigns, such as your open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and engagement rates. These are vital for running a successful digital marketing campaign.

· Will you be Able to Enjoy Long-term email Support?

It is one of those factors that could change your decisions regarding an email marketing platform. While it might fulfill all of your requirements and provide you with what you're looking for, how would it run in the long run? Will it be supported by its developers in the next 2 years? Would it adapt to future changes in the industry?

For instance, would the platform be able to support One-click buying or embedded buying eventually or currently? Furthermore, as per on-going trends in the email marketing industry, business owners are moving towards the use of interactive animated or gif content.

The gets the most out of your marketing campaigns in 2021, you need to critically analyze your business and the email marketing platform that you're considering, as per the above factors.


Buying a new email marketing platform for 2021 requires critical analysis, you need to see if it would fit your needs and requirements. Furthermore, it also needs to support automated emails, personalization, successful deliverability, action-driven targeted emails, real-time support, and long-term support to make sure you're updated with the day to day trends.One of the best marketing platforms in the present day that offers al the discussed features is the CBT Mass Email Sender. It provides active support, high deliverability, personalization tools, and much more.

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