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What The Future Looks Like In Your Inbox-The Email Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore!

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05 Jan 2021

As an online marketer, you must have heard claims like “email marketing is dead” or “it’s impossible to reach customers inboxes”, etc.

Email marketing is no doubt an effective tactic to reach out to your customers but since we cannot be sure about what will be its future, we can only predict it.

After a fierce competition, changing consumer behavior, and a crackdown on data collection happened last year, communicating with prospects through emailing looks challenging in the upcoming era.

Yet, the repeated attempts by tech obituary have not stopped email marketing from rising. The number of email users globally raised to 3.8 billion in 2018, which is expected to grow further to 4.2 billion by the end of 2022. Thus, email marketing is fully alive and rapidly revolutionizing! It’s evolving dynamically due to technological advancements, exacerbated customer expectations, and privacy regulations.

Hence, if you are a part of this game, you must be prepared to face the challenges and evolve accordingly.

To help you out in achieving these criteria we are going to take an insight into what the future will look like in your inbox! The email marketing trends that you can’t afford to ignore are discussed below.

Email Marketing Trends You Need To Stay Alert About

1. Consumers Will Be More Powerful!

In the upcoming digital era, consumer privacy will become a prevailing issue and consumer trust will become the essence of your success.

An incident happened where simple 4 letters made great wreckage for businesses globally. Data gathered from hard work of years was on groundless risk while databases of contacts begin to wane. At that time, the GDPR took the charge and called for a repair when the concern was about data collection.

Businesses need to work harder when it’s about their data. They need consent for data handling and be transparent, otherwise, it may lead them to unpredictable chaos. You need to earn trust to move forward and for that, your customer relationships should be strengthened.

You need a mindset modification or we can say you need to revamp the whole email marketing process, to meet the customer’s requirements.

Segmentation is the key to unlock this door! Businesses are acknowledging the importance of segmenting the audience and also, they are accepting the fact that sending blast emails to everyone is nothing but a waste of resources. It makes their sender reputation poor as people who do not want to receive them, report them as spam.

Thus, segmenting your contact list into smaller and more focused groups and sending emails according to their preferences is a prosperous practice for many companies to gain consumer engagement and satisfaction.

ePrivacy Regulation (ePR), has made it quite easier to make customer data protected, thus you need to take some foresighted measures to ensure that you are handling the customer data rightly.

2. No More Blast Emails!

The concept of ‘bulk email’, ‘blast emailing’ or ‘mass campaigns', will be done and over wholly and will be taken over by data enriched and personalized email campaigns.

The biggest trends in email marketing will be a shift from a large quantity of content in emails blasting to everyone’s inboxes towards, personalized, targeted, and preference-based content only.

The one-to-one customer journey Is gaining value among many businesses. 80% of customers are of the view that the experience a company provides to buyers is as important as its products and services. In the upcoming era, businesses will be in need to take each customer’s uniqueness as an opportunity rather than overlooking it and considering it as a burden.

The email campaigns will become successful only when their segmentation and data relevance and deliverability will be on point.

How to improve one-to-one customer dealings?

The key to this is Marketing Automation. Digital marketers are moving towards the adoption of marketing automation, which scales one-to-one communications and performs marketing tasks without technical skills.

Through marketing automation, you can maintain your workflows without any manual help repeatedly.Since marketing automation is tailored to smaller businesses and budgets too, the larger number of businesses will be considerably challenged with their email marketing.

One-to-many marketing tactics will be replaced by one-to-one approach and businesses will be more concerned regarding their customer relationships, therefore advanced automation tools such as lead scoring and dynamic segmentation will become a regularly used strategy for all kinds of businesses to target contacts in their lists in a more sophisticated manner.

In short, maintaining personalized conversations with customers is becoming an essential aspect to promote businesses. Marketing automation will work in the long term such as for customer retention, building customer loyalty, and transactional marketing will develop towards relationship marketing.

3. Omni-Channel Marketing Will Prevail!

Omni-channel marketing will become a future trend of many businesses with an approach for an integrated customer experience. It blends various channels that a business uses to communicate with their prospects, seamlessly.

A more uniform brand message can be conveyed and customer experience can be magnified, through merging all the scattered efforts of a business in various channels and a better understanding of customer interests can be discerned.

A business needs to think about one strategic approach to link all the connections of customers to create a cohesive experience. Make your email channel an Omni-channel strategy.

The digital ID or the email address can be used for creating your business’s Omni-channel strategy. The process involves the following steps;

Using your database of email addresses for building data drove customer profiles.

Understanding the digital customer footprints or we can say where your customer is spending time and money online and where they are expected to spend in the future.

To home, all data gathered about customers from various channels CRM features will be included in marketing channels.

Wrapping Up!

Thus, in brief, we can discern that the upcoming era will make the businesses face more issues related to their content relevancy. While the notion that email marketing will become dead is altogether a superstition! However, the businesses will need to evolve their strategies along with the changes in marketing tactics.

You can secure your business’s future by adopting the handling consumer data rightly, H2H over B2B, and Omni-channel marketing strategies in your practices.

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