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What Is Spam Email? How To Avoid Spam Filters?

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05 Jan 2021

Spam emails also known as junk email are unrequested bulk messages sent through email.

ISPs (Internet service providers) are fighting a brutal as well as a justified battle against spammers. However, the sufferers of this war are not always real spammers. They include some of the good-willed email marketers who are inexperienced to know their missteps and therefore are marked as spammed.

Only 79% of genuine emails are reaching out to the subscriber’s inboxes, according to Return Path. The funny yet unfortunate part is that triggering spam does not necessarily require a massive malicious activity, but a minor error in the content is enough to damage your email deliverability and sender reputation.

Many countries have lawfully restricted spam emails. To protect people from unsolicited bulk emails America and Canada have made the CAN-SPAM Act of 2004 and CASL of 2014 (Canada’s anti-spam legislation).

To understand how to avoid spam filters you first need to understand what forms spam filters can take.

Spam Traps And Spam Filters

Spam traps are the ISP’s first line of defense against the spammers. For tracking and identifying spammers, specific email addresses are designed.

When your email message hits such an email address you are labeled as a spammer by ISP, and when this happens your IP address and ‘from' domain is blocked by ISP which adversely affects your deliverability rate as well as the sender reputation. Thus, in this way spam traps can affect your email message even if you are not a spammer.

Moreover, another worst fact about a spam trap is they can take the form of ‘recycled spam traps', where ISP has obtained those email addresses which are inactive from a certain period. And when you send an email to such stagnant addresses, the bump will be recorded as a spam trap by ISP.

Moving forward, the spam filters refine the receiver’s inbox by preventing unsolicited bulk emails from people that might contain harmful or unwanted content. They scrutinize every detail of your email content to ensure that the receiver only receives relevant content.

Now that we have discussed spam emails and its effects on your brand identity let us learn about the ways to avoid spam filters.

Effective Ways To Avoid Spam Filters

1. Stay Away From Purchased Mailing Lists!

In online marketing, particularly the neophyte businesses find it easier to purchase the lists of email addresses to boost their conversions instantly.

However, that’s the worst mistake. Purchased mailing lists can devastate your sender reputation which instantly flags you as a spammer. That’s because when you send unsolicited emails to recipients who haven’t explicit their information towards you, you sound irrelevant and spammy to them which makes them click the spam button immediately. Consequently, your message ends up in the junk folder rather than reaching out to the subscriber’s inboxes.

2. Avoid Specific Words In Your Content

There is no mystic spell to raise the deliverability rates, however, you can reduce the risk of your content being tagged as spammed by avoiding certain words in your content. These words include double your income, free, buy, sale, etc. Other ways to keep your content in a safe zone against the spam filters are;

Always link your content to a legitimate site that has a reputable domain.

Limit the size of your email; 30 KB is enough.

The image to text ratio must be balanced in your content. SpamAssassin suggests that 60% should be text and 40% should be an image with around 400 characters of text in it.

3. Form A Coalition With A Reliable ESP

Based on the reputation of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and domains, Email Service Providers (ESP) are evaluated.

When careless ESPs are used by senders -the ones with low scores on their IP addresses, their final destination is anyway the spam folders. Consequently, they will be blocked by ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

While the ISPs that ban spammers from their forums are least likely to send unsolicited junk emails to the user inbox is and thus, are more credible.

4. Attain Verification

The Return Path is a company that will provide you certification. By auditing your mailing practices, they get you a ‘sender score certified' status, which guarantees that your email content is in line with the major ISPs. Although this service is not free of cost, you will surely get the increased revenues from conversions, once you look at it.

5. Avoid Deceitful Ploys!

The strategies you may have been using in the past decades are no longer effective today! Keep in mind that if you ever found involved in the following practices you may suffer solid damage to your deliverability ratio;

Hashbusting – Using characters such as F.ree. sa!e, etc, to fool spam filters.

Deceptive subject lines – To suggest an ongoing communication with the sender, including ”Re”, or “Fwd” in the subject line.

Misleading claims – The subject line is displaying that you have worn a gift but the content has some conditions to be fulfilled.

6. Being In Touch Or Engaged!

When you do not send emails daily, your senders might forget all about you. Emailing less frequently like twice or thrice a month can be damaging for your deliverability as the customers might not recognize you from your address and hit the spam button. This will not only affect your open rate but they might even forget to sign up for your mailing list.

Therefore, maintain a steady flow of emailing rather than sending infrequent and bulk blasts.

Key Takeaways

You can never overcome the deliverability issues unless you stop purchasing the email lists for a few bucks.

Your most impressive email template can also land in spam folders and prove to be unable to drive conversions.

Thus, try, assess, execute, and embrace the tips shared in this article and you can be saved from the havoc of spam filters.

In case you do not want to deal with all these tips of avoiding spam filters and want quick and reliable results, you can switch to CBT Mass Email Sender. It is a bulk mailing software that is highly efficient in evaluating spam-triggering elements in an email. Not only will it save you from spam but also increase email deliverability.

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