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What is Retention Marketing? And how to use it in your Email program

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05 Jan 2021

Retention marketing is beneficial in email marketing. Through retention marketing, you use different strategies and activities to retain your customers. You also make sure that the customers you make through this remain happy and satisfied with your work. Retention marketing is deeply rooted in the e-commerce industry. So it holds great value, and its strategies apply to almost all the industries of e-commerce.

The different tactics of retention marketing are as follows:

A welcome email for your visitors and some useful tips for them to feel comfortable and easy while using your services.

The users who are using your services regularly, give them exclusive VIP offers. This step will create loyalty in your audience.

Share the newsletters with your customers, including knowledge intended to educate them and gift them some promotional offers.

The customers who are not linked with your emails. Make them subscribe to be a part of your email list.

The strategies of retention marketing could effectively execute email marketing. Hence the importance of retention marketing cannot be neglected. The reason behind this is that email is easily accessible. Suppose you haven't, think about retention marketing. Then you should think about it and include it in your marketing strategies. This article will guide you on why email is so important in expanding your marketing. And some tips through which you can integrate retention marketing in your email marketing.

How retention marketing could be used

You don't need to use all the retention marketing tactics. The best way to implement retention marketing strategies is to use only one of its tactics simultaneously, wait for the result, and then proceed further if you feel comfortable going with it. Otherwise, it's useless to dive your head first. Below are some tips, especially for beginners who want to get started with their email marketing.

Update your calendar to plan accordingly

To understand what type of emails you are sending, set up your email marketing calendar. This will guide you properly in this regard. The primary purpose of the calendar is to track all your campaigns.

The calendar that you might be using could be very simple. You can compare it with the Google calendar. Or you can say it could be simple like the editorial calendar software product that is all time available in the market. Always remember to update your calendar weekly. This will help all of your team members to plan accordingly.

Share the valuable content with your customers

When someone is impressed by your subject line and subscribes to you and becomes your customer, you need to focus a lot on sharing the valuable content with that customer to maintain the trust in you and stay with you as long as he could. Try to improve his experience with your product or brand.

Suppose someone subscribesto you and becomes your customer for your software. You need to send a few useful blogs and articles in the beginning. So that the new customer becomes comfortable with you as they are onboard comfortable with your services.

You should also consider the newsletter if it is right for your program or not? Or sending an email with new blog posts is more valuable. Decide what strategy could help you engage and retain more customers.

Remember that the more criticalthe content strategy becomes, the more rapidly you send the emails to your customers. So try not to be too quick in sending the emails to your customers.

Provide them with valuable content

If they are to the point and fewer in number, the emails you send to your customers will affect more than a bundle of emails with just a regular message in it. Because people don't want to be frustrated by your emails, they don't have much time to rapidly read your email. If they see that they got valuable content, they will appreciate it, and next time they get mail from you, they will open it. If you want to save your recipients from the trouble of duplicate and excessive emails, you can easily do this with the help of email automation. The tools for email automation are readily available in the market.

Do segmentation

Your email list will get a boost and grow as soon as you start a more retention email campaign. Just try what new segment you can create and keep an eye on your list. The customers who are engaged with you regularly, try to make a segment for them to send them customized emails. And share additional content or promotions with them so that they get to trust in you and have a good relationship with you. Don't neglect your engagement rates. Just keep an eye on it.


The re-engaging's main advantage is to secure the customers who were previously engaged with your email but have not gotten around to your email now.


Retention marketing is successful only if it's not complicated. You should start with simple tactics and see the result due to this tactic. If you feel comfortable with it, move on with other tactics too. Your retention number could be expanded. Looking for a simple and easy automation solution? Then sign up

Retention marketing is effortless, and you can use it in various ways in your email, such as

By creating a calendar in which you can secure all of your email campaigns.

You can give VIP access promotions to your regular customers. Who is loyal to you and attached to you for an extendedperiod?

Remove the customers who don't engage with you, but before removing, send them a re-engaging email to see if they re-engage with you or not.

CBT mass email sender helps its clients to imply retention marketing in email campaigns.

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