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What Is Email Marketing API And Why You Should Use One?

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07 Jan 2021

Are you looking for the magic key to reach out to your potential customers in a more appealing way? Then, this article is exactly the map that will help you find the treasure box’s key –Email Marketing API.

Email is still one of the most effective head-on communications for businesses. Therefore, even after the emergence of many new marketing techniques, emails are still widely used for marketing.

Indeed, email marketing gets difficult sometimes. Hence, here is a powerful magic spell that I want to hand over to you today to get amazing email responses. Well, it’s not a long mantra but a three-letter-word: API.

What is Email Marketing API?

Too many technical terms? Well, we’ll make it easier for you.

When it comes to email marketing API, it simply means to give the developers access to the email marketing platform. With the help of codes, the email’s features can be linked to a particular website or application.

Why You Should Use API?

Email marketing can become much quicker and faster with the help of Email API. More importantly, API lets you upgrade your marketing campaigns. Utilizing theefficient features of API email marketing,lets you strengthen your bond with your customers in a convenient way.

Let’s see how you can make use of email marketing API to improve your marketing campaigns.

· Notifications

Notification is one of the most common reasons behind the surging use of email marketing API. Many businesses are adding this feature to their email marketing. You must have also received one of that automated notifications from any platform that you signed-up on. But did you ever wonder how it works and what impact it holds for that platform?

Well, API adds the option of automated notifications to your website or application. Websites send a notification to users whenever there is any update about their account. It is a great way to grab the user’s attention. With the help of that particular update, an email can make sure that the user acknowledges that recent activity.

This feature is very useful for the platforms that have bulk accounts to notify. Moreover, it helps recipients get updates much faster.

· Transactional Messages

API is a must for eCommerce websites. It sends timely messages to your users about transactions that they perform on or through your website. With email marketing API, you can customize the messages and design receipts the way you want. You can integrate a sophisticated design with all the required transaction-related information using HTML.

Once you have your message’s and receipts’ template, incorporating them on your website will generate them automatically when a transaction takes place. It is a convenient and highly appreciable feature to add to both the customers and the marketers.

· Growth Hacking

Growth hacking refers to the process of experimenting with various marketing strategies to fuel business growth. Integrating emails with growth hacking strategies can effectively boost engagement. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on your email engagements as it can help you improve the overall results.

For instance, you can use emails to ask your customers for feedback and recommendations on your products and services. It helps you to strengthen your bond with them especially if they are new customers. With API, you can experiment various timings to find the most suitable one for your customers to respond to.

· Add Software Tools To Your Website

Developers also use API to combine the bounties of several email marketing tools, like CMS and CRM. CMS automatically sends emails to your contact list when you update your content. With email marketing API you can link your email lists to your CRM to sync contacts. It also allows you to automate triggers and emails to specific customers.

· Customer Dashboards

Email marketing API is not just about sending automatic emails or syncing contacts. It also allows you to view and analyze your outcomes through customer dashboards. Customer dashboards make your work easier by providing the facility of automatically importing data from multiple email marketing platforms including CBT Mass Email Sender. It also compiles your campaigning reports for more organized and convenient data management.


Email marketing API can ensure exceptional results from your email marketing campaigns. Some of the biggest marketers vouch for its benefits. However, its performance is largely based upon the requirements and capabilities of the developer. One thing to keep in mind is the scalability. Blindly depending upon email marketing API might even exceed your budget which can be worse than the achieved outcomes.

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