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What Is Double Opt-in? Why You Need It & How to Set It Up

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04 Jan 2021

Are you done with your email marketing plan and waiting for subscribers to come from all the signup forms. Have you put on your website and confused between single and double opt-in system?

Don't worry; you're not alone. Many people get confused between single and double opt-in system while deciding which will work best for their email marketing.

This article will also help you understand what a double opt-in is (for those who are not familiar), what benefits you get if you use the double-opt-in mechanism, and how to step up a dual opt-in system.

What Is Double Opt-in?

A double opt-in is a two-step process to get subscribed to any email list. Its first step is similar to a single opt-in where the user enters the subscription form's details, whereas unlike single opt-in, the name and email are not directly added to the list of subscribers. Instead, people have to confirm their subscription request by clicking on the link sent to their provided email address, asking them to confirm the subscription request.

A survey on single and double opt-in, to understand which method gives better results, showed that people who favored each have a strong opinion.46.5% of people agreed on using a double opt-in because it provides an extra layer of protection to prevent fake email addresses along with censoring emails. They are not very interested in receiving the newsletter, whereas 53.5% were convinced that a single opt-in is better.

Advantages of Double Opt-in over Single Opt-In.

We know that this study has convinced you to go for double opt-in, and you are thinking about the advantages of DOI. Below we have discussed some benefits you get to enjoy if you go for double opt-in.

Filter Unwanted and Fake Contacts

In email marketing, while convincing people to subscribe to the email list, many people do not understand the importance of having a clean email list.

In short, they start sending emails to all subscribers, not analyzing the response rate. This harms their open and click-through rate, further affecting the overall email campaign performance, eventually breaking their sales graph.

The most significant advantage you get to enjoy through double opt-in is maintaining a clean email list having people interested in your content, or saving you from bad actors. This is also helpful for those who use the wrong information when subscribing to the email list. As the process of subscribing through double opt-in is not simple, it will keep people who are not very interested in your content away, helping you reduce the cost of the email campaign.

Help Develop Relations with New Subscribers

You must have encountered double opt-in, and you think it's frustrating, you should still consider it for your email subscription.

Usually, when people subscribe through SOI, the first email they receive from you is your newsletter, which does not build your relationship with your subscriber. If you are using DOI, your subscriber would need to verify the subscription, and the first email they'll get from you will be the email containing a verification link.

You can design this as a welcome email for your new subscribers, building relationships from the very next moment they subscribe to you.

Help You Achieve Better Email Deliverability

DOI helps you reduce bounce rate, improving the deliverability rate by preventing you send emails to spam traps. Also, it happens a lot that people mistakenly misspell their emails, which results in a loss for both parties.

When people are required to confirm their email address, they wait for the verification email, and if they don't receive any, they enter the details again. In this way, a customer that you might have lost using SOI will remain with you.

Help You Prevent Potential Issues with GDPR

You get proof of each subscriber's consent in your list that they want to submit their email to receive email updates through DOI.

This also prevents people from accidentally subscribing to your emails or people who use fake or others' email to subscribe without their consent.

How to Set Up Double Opt-in Subscription System

Now that you know the benefits of double opt-in, you must be wondering how to set it up. Don't worry; here's the guide to set up DOI.

Step 1: Enable Double Opt-in

Note: this step needs to be done each time when you upload a subscription form. Turning on double opt-in for one way will not enable it for all.

Step 2: Customize Confirmation Email

Here you'll see the option to customize your confirmation email. As mentioned before, You can use it as a welcome email also. This step is simple, such as clicking on the 'customize' and designing your email as you wish. Once done, tap on 'finish' to move to the next step.

CBT Mass Email Sender advises you not to put too much content in the confirmation email. You can go with the already available template also.

Step 3: Customize Your Thank you Page

This will tell your customers that their subscription has been confirmed. Try and make it attractive and cheerful by adding emojis. You can also put your social media icons with URL to lead you to the new subscriber to your social media accounts.

Note: Your confirmation email and thank you page is supposed to be used with all forms; hence design them once.

Step 4: Publish Your Form

After completing step 2 and step 3, return to the 'customize' step and publish your double opt-in form.

Congratulations! Now you may enjoy the benefits of the Double Opt-in system.

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