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What is an Email Auto-responder?

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04 Jan 2021

An automated email responder is a scripted email that responds automatically to emails having some pre-programmed triggers. Auto-responder is a tool that sends email replies to pre-defined activation keys when a user conveys an email sites having an autopilot set up. These triggers could be sharing your email list, downloading an e-book or pdf, browser behavior, purchasing a product, etc.

The most common example of auto-responders is confirmation emails like

All of them are automated responses. These days, they are so common that a person who does not know anything much about it would have used it somewhere.

Possible uses of autoresponders:

Marketers use auto-responders for the following purposes:

Initiate with an obvious goal in your mind:

It would help if you had a significant goal in your mind before you start a campaign. Figure out the ideal outcome. So when you automate your emails, you will monitor every stage if it is going according to your planning. If something goes wrong, you can settle it down timely.

Compose and Design a completely sequenced email:

In this step, you will decide how long your email sequence will be, how many emails you want to send, in what time duration? By determining this, you will craft the best emails. While composing emails, you have to keep in mind that they should look exactly like as if you are sending them manually to each subscriber.

Your email should be personalized, have a complete design, web-friendly font, a catchy subject line, a well-composed email body, and proofread it before you save it.

Choosing the right Email Auto-responder Software

If you have decided to use Email automation tools, the next step is to choose the most suitable software to assist you in your marketing campaign. So choose wisely.

While choosing an email marketing software, look for the services they are providing in terms of automation. If they are providing a 'simple automation sequence' that means it is offering simple auto-responders that will respond to emails automatically

Email marketing automation is much more comprehensivethan simply sending emails. if you are looking to gain as much as possible from email automation, you should look for other options and services. We are mentioning down some of the beneficial software that can assist you in running your whole marketing campaign:

Segmentation of your Email Contact List

Segmenting your email contact list is very important for personalized emails. Segment your list based on language, location, interest, age, or other relevant information. Segmenting will make your email list to get nurtured according to their interests. It helps develop a strong bond, communicate better with your lead.

Determine a Time Frame to send your Emails

Set a time duration for your emails to send to your subscribers. When your new subscriber should get email after subscribing. It is usually for some minutes. Or in double opt-in forms, you have to send it instantly. When to send a reactivation email, or how long before the expiration of membership should a subscriber receive an email and when should a customer get the order confirmation email. You have to select an appropriate time frame for your email list as when should they get which kind of email from you.

Select a Template

You will go to the email campaign tabs and select the template you want or create one. The template should be competent enough to match your goal. Like, choose a template for a welcome email. Reactivation email, order confirmation email, response to complaints, etc. There are no strict rules for having a standard template. You have to keep in mind your brand identity, the intended message to convey, and your campaign's goal.

Set Triggers event

Have you ever received an email instantly after you have asked for some help on a website? They are automated emails pre-composed, keeping in mind possible problems or complaints or any change in your settings based on some keywords or trigger points. The server, after receiving it, scan those words and send them a response instantly. So you also have to choose trigger events and keys. After a sign-up, you have to send a welcome email or send reminding emails when membership is expiring or reactivating emails. Find those tabs and select the triggers.

Program marketing automation workflow

After choosing a template, trigger events, and time frame, the next step is setting an email automation workflow. Some software gives you options to customize workflow from the beginning, and some offer you ready-made workflows. If you want a ready-made template, then choose software that provides you these options.

Click the automation tab on the software's dashboard and select the 'create a workflow' option.

Activate your Automation Workflow

After saving the workflow you have created, have a look at it. If it seems perfect, then put it live and click the tab having the option 'Activate the workflow.' And that's it. Now you need to set up email automation, and you are ready to welcome your subscribers and nurture them to convert and succeed in your marketing campaign.

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