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What Is A Webhook And How To Use It To Track Email Marketing Activity

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07 Jan 2021

Being a marketer is no less than being a single parent of eleven uncontrollable children alongside building an empire. That’s the amount of effort it takes. You need to manage a plethora of different marketing activities on different online and physical platforms, keep a track of email marketing, analyze their results, and plan further activities. How relieving would it be for you to have a PA!

Allow me to unleash something more efficient and helpful than a PA; it’s webhook.

A webhook is a way through which we can get notified of every business event, update, and news effectively without any hassle, mishap, or delays.

What is a Webhook?

A webhook is a way through which different applications can be connected for smooth and quick communication between them. They are like HTTP callbacks that are generated as a result of preset activities. They allow the automatic flow of data between apps to generate specific results that would manually be tiring and time-taking.

Cautious, Confusion Ahead!!

Most people confuse between polling and webhook. Their purpose and function might be similar but they are quite different in their entirety. In polling, you have to tell the application to go and fetch the information from another app. However, with webhook, the applications are only instructed once and they continue to exchange information without your involvement.

How Webhook works?

When you connect two applications through webhooks, they start to exchange data upon the occurrence of a defined event. The data transferred is a set of instruction originated from sending app guiding the action application to take further actions.

For Example:

You have an eCommerce store. Someone logs in to your store and makes a purchase. Now, you want to make an invoice for this order. Through webhook connect your store with the invoicing app and set the required instructions. Voila!!

Whenever there is a transaction on your virtual store, the invoicing app will get the notification and ultimately create an invoice.

How Does Webhook Aid Marketers?

Due to the growing complexity of marketing tasks, setting up webhooks is crucial for marketers. Not only are they convenient, but also quite reliable. They transfer accurate data the moment they are received.

How Webhook Help In Email Tracking Activity?

According to research,over 75000 emails are unsent and spammed monthly, which negatively impacts the reputation of the business.

It also keeps you enlightened about your sent, spammed, bounced, subscribed, unsubscribed, and all other emails to track real time email marketing. Based upon these you can further plan your emails.

How to Use Webhook to Track Email Marketing Activity?

Using webhook to track email marketing is as simple as it sounds, you can do this within a few minutes sitting anywhere around the globe. To help you enjoy the convenience of webhook, here is a quick guide on how to implement webhooks for email marketing.


A webhook is the most productive and flawless way to cope up with your daily marketing schedules.It saves your time and effort, allowing you to direct them towards more productive marketing campaigns.With a webhook, all you have to do is set it up with accurate instructions, and let it do the rest. However,for best results throughout you have to keep a once in a blue moon check on it.

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