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What Is A Click-To-Open Rate In Email Marketing?

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05 Jan 2021

Keeping an eye on your click to open rate ensures that your recipients are resonating with your content. Before learning about what the CTOR is let us understand some basic KPIs that marketers use in email marketing.

Email open rate: It’s simply the percentage of people who open your email. For example, if you send an email to 150 people and 100 people open it then 66.6% is the open rate.

Click-through rate: it is the percentage of people who clicked on any link provided in the email. For instance, you send an email to 500 people and 100 people clicked on the link in it then 20% is the click-through rate.

The CTOR compares the number of unique clicks to unique opens. The CTOR rate is an indication by which you can know how influencing your email message, design, and layout is and to what extent it persuaded your recipient to take the action.

CTOR (Click To Open Rate) Is an easy cadent to monitor whether you are sending a pertinent email. It’s different from people who clicked through the email because it is based on those who opened up your email from your entire recipient list and tried to engage with you and click the content you sent them.

How Can You Calculate CTOR?

(Unique clicks/unique opens) ×100

Let’s say, your email received 200 clicks and 250 opens then your CTOR will be calculated as;

(200/250) × 100=80% CTOR!

The average CTOR varies from industry to industry but principally speaking it’s between 20% and 30%. The results of your CTOR good or bad portrays the areas that need modification in your emails.

This brings us to our next question -what’s holding back your users to click through your emails and how to improve it? Various factors affect your click-through rate, like email format, its composition, images, content, etc. Hence, you have to be careful about everything from the segment of the audience you are sending your email to the way you format it. The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your CTOR.

Ways To Improve CTOR

1. Cut Off The Superfluous Stuff!

The length of your email message carries weight when talking about improving the CTOR rate. Adding long details and unnecessary stuff, no matter how attractive they are, will have a negative influence on the click to open rate. Keep your content concise and only add related data. Emphasis only on the requisites of the content and eliminate the stuff that is not generating a response from readers. To analyze the relevancy of the content, you can try A/B testing.

2. Motivate Your Readers

Ensuring an action by your readers is an important part to improve your CTOR. If your customers are not clicking on the details in your email, then it means it’s not enticing enough!

3. Targeted Messaging

Since you are aware of the fact that you can see who clicked on your emails, opened them, clicked on the given links in your click-through reports, use this data to your best advantage. You can use this data to send targeted messages to encourage those who tried to engage with you.

For instance, you have huge information to share about your brand, relevant to the data with which 30 people tried to engage in a recent email you shared with them. Now you can follow-up with them by sending this information as they have shown interest. Lining with their preferences will help you turn them into regular customers.

4. Use Visual Content

Putting in images and videos can expedite your open and click-through rates instantly. In recent data, it was shown that an image in your email can improve the click-through rate by up to 47%.

Moreover, using emojis and capitalizations can gain your consumer's attention. Make your content enticing enough that your visitors end up clicking the call to action button.

5. Focus On The Customer

Segmenting your audience as per their preferences can show you what they are interested in receiving from you. Send targeted emails to various segments of your audience to make them feel valued and encourage them to interact. When you are giving your readers the content which they want, they definitely will not only increase your CTR but CTOR too!

For instance, you can send abandoned cart emails, use customer purchase history, offer discounts for being a regular customer, etc., in order to make them feel noticed and cared for.

6. Review And Compare!

Finally, review your CTOR results and compare them across the campaigns. This will help you decide how relevant your content is. If you are generating high open rates but the CTOR rates are low then it means you clinched the subject line to grab attention but the content was not promising to retain it. However, if your CTOR is high but the open rates are low then it means you are providing the customers’ appropriate content. To make these two stabilized, segment your audience as per their preferences to send more relevant data.

Wrapping up!

Click to open rate in email marketing is an easy KPI to analyze where does your email message stands out in the intuition of your readers. It tells what you need to improve to generate an action from your receivers.

Thus, try to improve your Click to open rate through methods mentioned in the article as it’s an essential concern for you because your customers are receiving tons of emails and you surely don’t want to lose selling opportunities on bumpy mistakes.

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