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What Influences Email Opens And Clicks?

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05 Jan 2021

For doing an effective email marketing campaign, you need to keep a close eye on the open and click-through rate to estimate how efficient the email campaign was.

This article will discuss why clicks and opens are essential and the difference between both, and what influence email opens and clicks along with tips to improve it.

What Is Email Open Rate?

The email open rate is an email marketing metric that tells you how many successfully delivered emails were opened by your subscribers.

How you can calculate your email open rate:

You should divide the email's number of unique opens by the total number of people that saw your email, the total number of people you sent the email to minus the number of bounced emails.

What Is Email Click-Through Rate?

The email click-through rate or CTR is the percentage of clicks on links embedded in your email.

How you can calculate your email click-through rate:

  • You should take the number of people who will click on more than one link in your email.
  • In the next step, divide it by the number of people you sent the email initially, don't subtract the bounces.
  • Take the resulting quotient and multiply it by 100.
  • Importance of Open and Click-Through Rate

    Open, and click-through rates of email give you an idea about how successful your email campaign was. If you get a healthy open rate, your subject line was attractive to your audience, whereas if you get a reasonable click-through rate, it means your audience is interested in your content.

    However, if you find your email campaign's open and click-through rate below average, you must consider the factors influencing open and click-through rates.

    What influences email opens and clicks

    Factors That Influence Open Rate

    Various factors affect the open email rate, which is as follows.

    Sender Reputation or Brand Name

    Your popularity or customer relations have a significant influence on your email open rate. According to a resarch, 42% of the people read emails only from known senders, whereas another research proved that 53% of the people decide whether to open an email or not by the sender's name.

    People receive many emails each day, making it difficult for them to open and read all emails. Not only this, many senders send irrelevant content which is of no use to them, so people prefer not to waste their time reading from a new sender.

    Now you must be wondering how you can reach new customers if they are not going to open your email because they are not familiar with your brand. Don't worry. There are numerous ways to improve your sender reputation.

    For instance, you can send emails with your brand name if you own a reputed brand or have a personal approach by writing the sender's name with the company/brand name.

    Subject Line

    CBT Mass Email Sender is giving extra importance to the subject line. According to a research, 34% of people decide whether to open an email or not by reading its subject line.

    Yes, it's that important. There are few tips on how you can design your subject line for A/B testing.

    Don't forget to keep it relevant to your email content; otherwise, you may lose trust between you and your subscriber.

    Offering Free Service or Product May Influence Email Open Rate

    Offering free products or services in your email can influence the open rate as 35% tend to open emails offering a free product or discount voucher. In this way, you can make your sender name memorable for the recipient if your company is new in email marketing.

    Keep in mind; balance is essential in every aspect of life. Don't send out free coupons and discount voucher emails too often. It can negatively affect your business.


    The Click-through rate holds an essential place in email marketing. If your click-through rate is not high, your email campaign cannot be considered successful.

    The following are a few factors that influence CTR.

    Email Content Influence CTR

    Once a recipient opens your email, email content is the only thing that can grab their attention and motivate them to finish reading because if the content is not relevant, then would a recipient read and click on the link?

    Moreover, formatting is a part of the content; hence, work on your email's proper design for making it easy for people to read. The following are some tips to improve your email.

    ● Make your email mobile-friendly as a large number of people read emails on their mobile device rather than a computer system.

    ● Use images and pictures in your email to make it exciting and fun to read. Writing humorous content is also not a bad idea.

    ● Break it into sections or headings if it is a long email.

    Link Optimization

    Link Color and link placement affect the click-through rate. When recipients were asked if link optimization influenced their decision to click the link or not, many people agreed on being affected by link placement. In contrast, the majority were not sure about the link color.

    Time and Frequency Influence

    It is essential to do the right thing at the right time because time influences decisions and results, just like time influence the click-through rate.

    8 pm is the right time to send emails because people are more likely to open and click at this time.

    But don't bombard your subscribers' inbox at 8 pm; instead, send only once or twice a week to maintain a good reputation.

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