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‘View This Email In Your Browser’ — What Is This Feature And How To Include It In Email HTML

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04 Jan 2021

According to Statista, 61% of consumers prefer to receive news and promotional messages through emails. As an email marketer, you probably have emphasized the engagement rates, deliverability of the emails, or personalization. These factors are imperative to be looked upon, still, there are a few details that are usually missed out by many marketers. The details work as an extra effort in improving your emails so that they may not create any hurdles for the reader. One of those small features that can enhance the details of your emails is ‘View this email in your browser’. Let’s find out more about it.

What Is The ‘View The Email In Your Browser’ Feature?

This is a small feature which is a hyperlinked text that allows your reader to open the email on the web or browser. This is used in cases where readers have different settings or rendering issues. Moreover, sometimes people aren't able to read HTML text messages or they have turned off their image loading feature.

This feature ensures that your reader can read the full version of your email regardless of their settings. It is usually placed in the header or footer of the email.

The Importance Of The ‘View This Email In Your Browser” Feature?

Many times, it is suspected that people aren't able to read emails due to issues like broken links, half loaded images, inability to open emails in the inbox, etc. These issues adversely affect your user experience. When emails are not rendered correctly, they tend to frustrate the readers which results in them closing your emails.

While most of the email clients don't face rendering issues, but it still somehow necessary to include them in your emails. These are the reasons why you should include this feature in your email:

Where To Put The ‘View The Email In Your Browser’ Feature?

If you have decided to put the ‘view the email in your browser’, it's time to decide where to put it. Commonly in email marketing campaigns, this feature is available in the header. However, there also are other places to put this feature. Let's go deep into all the options available.

The Email Header

According to the rules of visual hierarchy, readers would read your emails from top to the bottom. Thus, placing the ‘view the email in your browser’ feature in the email header would inform them at the first point that if they are facing any email issues, they can click the feature link and resolve it. However, you need to make sure that this feature doesn't filter before your preview text. This can send an indication to the reader that it would not be going to load and they will click the feature even before the email loads. Usually, the emails have a blank white space at the top of the page where this feature is placed.

The Email Footer

The alternative place that is used by email marketers to put this feature in the footer of the email. The email footer is usually used to communicate that information that is not directly related to the topic of your email like terms of use and unsubscribe links.

Many marketers believe, that adding links in the email headers took away the opportunity of driving more conversions and communicate the message of the email. However, it can really frustrate the reader if the email doesn't load up due to rendering issues, and they have to scroll all over to the footer to find the feature link.

In The Email Body

In between the debate of putting the ‘view the email in your browser’ feature in the header or footer, there is a middle way which is in the email body. However, according to many marketers placing this feature can distract the readers from the content. You have to integrate the feature link in a way that doesn't distract the readers.

You can use short-expression alternative to avoid any hindrance like:

Whatever, you choose to use as a short expression, make sure that your users understand the purpose behind the link.


The ‘view the email in your browser’ feature may not be valuable for the consumers. However, they are very essential for email marketers. Adding this feature can help your email readers whenever they are faced with email loading issues. Adding this feature would not affect your email design so it is advised to add it for consumer's ease. You can add in the header, footer, or even in the middle of your email body. You can try out all of these positions to find out the best one for your audience. When sending bulk emails through CBT Mass Email Sender, this feature can be quite useful.

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