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Using SMS and Email to Engage Your Customers in 2021

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04 Jan 2021

A simple text and an email can create an unmatched image of a brand that helps keep the customer faithful for years to come. Email and SMS both are effective and practical tools of marketing, rather than using one at a time it's best to opt for both and use them for better and finer results, as well as to stimulate the sales.

In this new era, people prefer SMS and email to obtain information and as a communication channel. With the COVID-19 crisis, digitalization has become a necessity and is no more an option. As a result, the usage of electronics has increased. This has increased competition in the online market-leading it requires the adoption of a massive communication channel that not only spreads the word about your business but also ensures availability to customers.

SMS Marketing

Marketers prefer SMS for its quick attention-grabbing ability. In the case of SMS, you are limited to only a few words -more precisely characters to attract the receiver. When done efficiently, SMS campaigns do not only increase engagement but also boost sales.

With a brief and concise text, the response rate can increase. If the message delivered is clear and unambiguous then it would encourage the customers to review the product and the goal of capturing the attention of the customer would be achieved instantly.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

· Immediate and Fast Delivery

Text messages are fast and delivered in less than a minute, therefore, they are considered to be the easiest and fastest means to reach an audience. With a perfectly crafted text, you can lead your receivers to your website in seconds. Always attach a link to the website in the text this helps in directing the customers towards all the products and services your business is offering.

· To the Point

An SMS must be to the point and direct. This encourages customers to open and read through them as it does not take much of their time. Hence, it reduces the chances of annoying customers and losing them.

· High Response Rate

People check their phones quite often these days. Hence, you can use it for your good by offering them instant access to your website through SMS. If they find your service to be relevant there is a high chance they’ll instantly jump to your website.

· Wi-Fi Free

The greatest advantage of SMS is that it is Wi-Fi-free. It allows you to deliver your message to the audience even without an internet connection. Therefore, it removes a massive barrier from your communication process.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most widely used method of marketing. It's proven to be effective and works wonders if the email is crafted perfectly and according to the targeted audience’s preference and choice.

As seen before, shorter emails have a high rate of response, its best to send a normal size email discussing all details of the product, while ensuring conciseness, so that the message is clear and the advertisement is sent properly to the customer.

Advantages of Email Marketing

· Cost-Effective

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing. You can send bulk emails through CBT Mass Email Sender is a fraction of the cost that you’d pay for other marketing channels.

· Best Communication Channel for Business

Emails are said to be the most effective and convenient ways of communication. Not only are they trustworthy, but also preferred by the customers. Sending an email to promote your product or service shows professionalism which is another reason why it is highly recommended for business communications.

· Enhances Brand Recognition

According to research, people prefer to get information about their favorite brands through emails rather than other mediums of communication. Therefore, email marketing plays a key role in enhancing brand recognition. With valuable content based on customers’ preferences, you can reach potential customers and keep your existing customers hooked.

· Increase Traffic to Your Websites

A well-crafted email and an attention-grabbing subject line can outwit people, which helps you to direct them to your website, helping you to grow.

Email as Scheme, SMS as Plan

Email and SMS go side by side in generating leads, therefore it’s best to incorporate both the strategies in your marketing plan.

· Permission-Based

An advantage of email and SMS marketing is that both of them are permission-based, an organization cannot contact a customer unless they permit them to, making it a secure communication channel. It is best to send an email or text to the customer rather than bombarding them with ads that they don’t want.

· Using SMS to Seal the Deal

You can email your customers the details of the product and service, later a quick text can help in securing and reminding them of the email.

· SMS for Quick Response

You can send a message requesting feedback on the product bought or a service used by the customer. This will not only help you to improve, but customers appreciate the value you give them.

· Timings

When sending an email or text message, the timing should be taken into consideration. It’s a known fact that people have their phones with them 24/7 but when interacting with the customer it's best to opt for the time that won't be disrespectful or disturbing.

Using Email and SMS Together for Better Response

Both marketing strategies are used to attract prospective customers by promising higher value and to keep existing customers satisfied. To do this, it is preferable to use SMS and email are complementary to each other to add value to the customer rather than choosing a single medium of communication.

You can use email to ask for the permission of text messages. This will allow you to be more certain about the customer, similarly, by text message try to gain access to the email of the customer.


Integrating SMS and emails gives you the leverage to get ahead of your competitors. Make sure that your SMS is relevant to your email. It's best to send messages but, bear in mind not to send plenty of messages at a time as it could harm your brand image and you might lose customers.

It’s unknown what 2021 holds for us but, according to Forrester's research marketing message volume would increase by 40% because the companies would like to make a direct relationship with the customers, allowing them to hold on to them for future products and services.

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