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Using Segmentation In Your Email Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

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04 Jan 2021

Even the best of your emails is not as appealing to all of your receivers.

As an email marketer, you might be sending emails of product/service promotions, newsletters, or special offers. For all of these various types of emails, one master email copy would not be appropriate to use. This is because it can influence the sender’s reputation adversely.

The ISPs like Gmail, Outlook, and others have algorithms that are constantly finding emails with a good sender’s reputation. The sender’s reputation is essential to maintain because it can influence your email deliverability rates. When ISPs find that certain emails have a low sender’s reputation, they probably send those emails under the spam radar. However, to rescue your emails from getting spammed email segmentation comes into play. Big marketers use this technique to improve their email marketing game, so that it may perform well and harness perks.

Well, in this article we will be going through a comprehensive and wide frame guide from basics to a pro about email segmentation. So, that you as a marketer can significantly upgrade your email marketing game. Initially, let's understand what is email segmentation and its factors that should be considered.

What Is Email Segmentation, And It Factors That Should Be Considered?

Email segmentation is a method in which the receivers of emails are divided into groups based on several factors.

Factors of segmentation:


· Location and Time

The internet today is at the fingertips of everyone around the globe. Your audience can be from your region or any other part of the world. You must know where they are from. This is vital because if you segment your audience according to their location, you can deliver much more relevant content according to their culture and surrounding.

Apart from the location, you should also segment according to the time zones so that you may land on top of their inbox. Well, to identify the perfect timing you have to repeatedly test different times also known as the A/B test until you find the sweet spot. CBT Mass Email Sender is the most efficient tool for these tests. It offers reliable results to enhance your ROI.

· Gender and Age

Both men and women have different preferences to look upon. However, according to the type of your product and content you have to send emails to each gender segment. For instance, you have launched a new product email campaign about the new winter collection of men's clothing, this email campaign would not be suitable for your women. So, according to your email campaign you should segment gender-wise to send emails accurately to the relevant reader. Apart from gender, age segmentation is also required. This is because an email campaign of the latest smartphones might not be so valuable for older people.


You cannot have a perfectly stable customer base as more people develop an interest in your business over time while others get bored. Hence, to ensure at least some level of stability, you have to identify your new buyers, your current customers, and the people who haven't responded to your service for quite a long time.

· New Costumers

All the new users or buyers that have come across your business need to be greeted well to sustain your relationship. Segment them and create a personalized welcome email to send them for subscribing to your email list. It makes a decent first impression which can help you build a loyal customer base.

· Current Costumers

People who are quite active with your services must also be treated separately. You have to segment them and send emails of your upcoming offers and products. Send them engaging emails on a consistent basis to sustain them.

· Inactive Customers

Those people who were once your active customers and now aren't responding for almost 6 months or more should also be segmented. This is because they were once your loyal customers and are pretty well aware of your services. You need to send emails to remind them of your services again. It might happen that some of those people may again become your active buyers.

Types Of Emails

There are many types of emails to send to your audiences like transactional emails, marketing emails, newsletters, special offers, and more. For instance, if an individual has subscribed to your newsletter, they would be expecting content of news. So, if they would receive emails of marketing, they would probably unsubscribe you. Segment according to the types of emails and to whom you are sending those emails is essential for you to master your email marketing.

Activities Of Your Customers

You can analyze the purchasing history of your customers and segment them according to it. For example, if you find that a large number of your audience is purchasing handbags, you can segment them into a different group. One of the parts of your audience is searching and buying perfumes, you can make a separate mailing list for them. You can, then send them targeted emails, promoting related products of their interest. This technique helps you identify your audience’s demand and send relevant emails according to their preferences.


Segmentation is essential for the success of an email marketing campaign, especially for businesses offering various products and services to a large audience. In this article, we have gone through a comprehensive and detailed guide to segmenting your audience in the most profound manner. Apart from all the factors of segmentation you have to make sure that you don't create a large number of segmentation groups. This is because afterward, you have to create a bunch of different emails for each segment which can be time and effort consuming. In addition, you should not rely only on segmentation for your email marketing success. Other factors like conducting email marketing ethically, using personalization in your emails are imperative to skyrocket your email marketing success.

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