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Unread Mail – Are You A Spammer

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05 Jan 2021

When thinking of spammers, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the shady persons trying to take our money without our knowledge. They make attractive offers and promises to lure customers, but they never fulfill their claims in return.

Spam mails are not only annoying but also quite dangerous. The surprising thing is that you do not know, but you may be included in the spammer's list.

Spammers need to be controlled; therefore, an organization is also established to tracks them. Spam is referred to as 'unsolicited bulk email.' In simple words, the recipient has not granted permission to those messages that are sent in large quantities to a large number of people having substantively identical content.

It means that even if you send emails with good intentions, they could be received as spam mails by your recipients.

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) protect their recipients from receiving unsolicited emails. But how can ISP differentiate between the two? Sometimes due to an error in ISP, it sends your emails to the recipient's spam folder.

But don't worry, we will provide you some steps that ensure you that your mail will not be mistaken for any spam mail.

Spam Emails Hitting Inboxes

Spammers often use different tactics to attract recipients to click their links. The number of spam emails that hit the inboxes all around the world is continuously increasing.

The subject of these spam messages says that you have unread messages. Their main body mostly contains clickable links having a single phrase or a word like 'surprise' or 'click here' to attract customers to check out in curiosity.

Clicking these links often leads to dodgy websites that can lead to malware on your phone. The spammers are also satisfied with a few recipients opening their link. They rely on the fact that even only a few people purchase products from that site, which is enough for them to attack buyers' financial security.

Always remember that don't click those spam messages. In case if you receive one, then directly delete it. Spam messages only lead to tricking people into malware websites.

Why Emails Go to Spam Instead of Inbox

Spam filtering has become more conscientious. Due to this, one's email goes to spam. Webmail providers try to track all the spam emails. But this doesn't mean that all those filters are 100% accurate. Therefore, it leads to the going of legit emails to the spam folder.

But here comes the tricky part,

Subscriber engagement dramatically affects the process of email deliverability. Because webmail providers notice the recipient's behavior and their engagement level. Hence results in making a decision that which emails make it to the inbox.

Now sit back and relax because I will tell you all the factors that can help you avoid getting flagged. Also, it will help in stopping your emails from going to the spam folder of the recipient.

Keep your message out of spam label

· Overview

Are your messages being tagged as spam? Google spam filters are becoming aggressive day by day, which results in marking some regular messages as spam.

· Use a text-only email signature

The presence of links in your emails increases the chances of being marked as spam. Small images and hidden texts also increase the risk of looking suspicious to Google.

· Bulk mail sending

Sending messages or publishing newsletters from a single account results in high chances of being marked as spam, and you will not know about this. When receiving, your messages are continuously marked as spam. There are high chances of marking all your future incoming messages.

There is also a solution to this problem. You can send bulk emails from different accounts, such as a shared account. It will isolate your account from such a mail filtering process. If mail distribution is higher than the sending limits or the allowed limits, consider using the ITS authenticated SMTP service.

Manage your spam label

· Correct wrongly sorted mail

If a message is accidentally marked as spam, then after selecting it click the Not spam button from the top toolbar. It will ensure that the messages coming from this sender in the future will not be marked as spam. Also, adding those into your Google contact will help with the mail delivery rate and prevent this from happening in the future.

· Check your spam label regularly

Checking your spam label regularly will help a lot. The spam label is present within the label list, which is found under 'more'at the left sidebar. If the spam label is set to show new and unread messages, it automatically reduces your problem to half.

· To turn on this setting

1. Click the gear icon present in the upper-right corner of the Inbox folder

2. Proceed to select settings

3. Label option will show

4. Under label column, Spam option is given

5. The show, hide and show if unread options are present there. Select show if unread.

6. Changes you made are automatically saved.

Now whenever a new message is sent to the spam folder, the label will show up in bolded letter so you can see this.

Spam from one of your contacts

If you receive a spam message from one of your contacts, then it means that a hacker has taken over his account.

● First of all, do not respond to that email.

● Then report the email in the spam alert. By doing this, a report is sent to the Gmail team for further investigation.

● You must let your contact know that their email account was hacked.


If you come to know that your program is toeing the line of spam labeling, then don't worry because you can still turn your tables around. All the relevant knowledge is provided to you now. It is effortless to make things right and boost your connections with the recipients with CBT.

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