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Trimming Un-subscribers from Your Recipient List

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05 Jan 2021

Maintaining your subscriber recipient list is a significant part of any email marketing strategy. It allows you to trim away addresses in your list who don't wish to receive your messages. If you send these messages continuously, it can leave you open for beingspam, which will affect your reputation and deliverability.

Benefits of Email Scrubbing:

Email scrubbing can help turn that around. Some of the features of email scrubbing are very simple.

1. Effective Open and Click Rates:

We can calculate the percentage of open and click rates by the total number of emails sent.

In short, cleaning your email list means that you are sendingit to only those who are interested. Indeed if the same number of individuals, as before, are opening your emails, they'll now be a more significant percentage of the total emails sent. And that will improve the ratios of your open and click rates.

If the same number of individuals opens and clicks your emails, why does the percentage of emails list matter?

2. Fewer Spam Complaints:

Cleaning your email list is essential because it also decreases the number of spam complaints. One of the basic facts that some subscribers mark your emails as spam since they don't remember signing up foremails, even they did before.

One of the critical problems is that mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and others log spam complaints. They will start sending your emails to the spam folder, skipping the inbox if there are numerous spam complaints.

Due to this reason, it reduces the opportunity to get a conversion, leads, and sales to your email list.

This problem is the same for all email marketers. The number of successfully delivered emails is continually decreasing globally.

Scrubbing is a useful technique and helps by cutting down on the number of those subscribers who are annoyed enough to mark your emails as spam. Your reputation increases when fever spam complaints occur.

3. Fewer Bounces:

Bounce emails never reach the intended recipient.Bounces emails are the same as spam complaints. They can also hurt your reputation, affecting your email deliverability.

You can decrease the ratio of bounced emailsby cleaning your email list and by removing bounce addresses. In this way, bounced emails will go down the next time you send them.

4. Reduced Cost:

It will often charge according to the number of emails you send and depends on the number of subscribers you have, or maybe both.

It means that this is a genuine financial incentive to keep your list clean. Every unengaged subscriber who remains on your email list is costing you money.You can improve Email marketing ROI by using email scrubbing to remove them.

5. Better analytics:

There's one last benefit of email scrubbing.

If your email list is cluttered with unengaged subscribers, it is very difficult to tell how your email marketing strategy works. Subscriber idleness and spam complaints will crush your statistics.Your email marketing statistic will be more accurate and best if you have a smaller email marketing list containing only those subscribers who are interested in your messages.

Which Of The Email Lists Should You Need To Scrub?

Often individuals ask a question about email scrubbing is which email list they need to scrub.

Here are some essentialtips:

Begin with the most accurate and active email lists since those drive conversions, leads, and sales.

Focus on previous lists, too, since unengaged subscribers on the list may still be counted as part of the total.

But if your list is new, there's no point in emailing people who aren't interested.

The brief answer to which email list needs to scrub is; all email marketing lists. In case you're marketing continuously, you should need to clean your list regularly, at least more than one time in a year.

Email Scrubbing: Warning Sign:

At which time you need to clean your list? When you see the warning signs in your email marketing list, you should need to clean your list.

When you log in to your email marketing app, then you can see the percentage of your open and click rates.In case there's a pattern of declining open and click rates, you've got an issue.

Email management

CBT mass email sender provides its clients with two different ways to manage their email marketing subscribers:

1. Email Reports:

By authorizing the Subscription Tracking App from the "Apps" segment of your account, a footer must be placed at the bottom of all transactional SMTP and Web API emails. This footer contains an unsubscribe link and plays an essential role in selecting recipients' emails.

2. Email Marketing Recipient List Unsubscribes:

If you send an email through the email marketing app, CBT automatically adds an unsubscribe link to the bottom of in-active messages. After clicking on these links, recipients are stifled from the future recipient list. If the recipient is a part of additional email marketing lists, they will not be suppressed.

Once your recipients want to unsubscribe from your email marketing lists, you can use the feature of CBT to remove them permanently from additional lists. Currently, there isn't an expert list of all the recipients who have unsubscribed from your list. You can send a list of all unsubscribes who have been login over all of your recipient lists by choosing the "Download as CSV from all lists" link. Using the feature of Email Marketing HTML, you can manually include an unsubscribe link to your marketing email.


Trimming un-subscribers fromthe recipient email list is to take off unengaged subscribers from your email list hence, you can market only to those who want to receive your emails.

This email list is an essential part of targeting your marketing campaigns, so you should do an email list cleanup at least a couple of times a year, and if you want a better result, you need to clean your list regularly after. This helps a lot in engaging the accurate and interested audience and helps in increasing your sales.

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