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Thirteen Pro-Tips for Email Design

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06 Jan 2021

A good email design is an integral part of email marketing. A good design means a high email open rate and higher engagement. But achieving the best email design does not occur automatically; it requires strategic planning and hard work. Here are thirteen proven tips for creating the perfect email design and getting a higher email open rate.

13 Pro Tips To Getting The Best Email Design

1. Don’t Use All-Image Emails

Sending an all-image email is a really bad idea and might result in getting pretty low user engagement. The reason for this is that some recipients might have turned off image previews for their emails. As a result, all they’d be seeing is blank space.

Some senders send all-image emails because they think it looks attractive and engaging. This, although not entirely false, can significantly affect the open rates in case the users don’t load the images. Simply put, don’t send all-image emails.

2. Make A Name For Your Brand

Make sure to design your email in such a way that your brand is clearly identifiable from the content. This is to ensure that even if your brand name and logo are removed from the email, your email is still recognizable as yours. This is a successful branding technique that increases customer loyalty and retention.

3. Imitate And Experiment

You learn by observing others. If you are new to this, try imitating the successful businesses, copy what they are doing and learn from your mistakes. If you have been in this business for a long time then do not hesitate in making bold decisions. Think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas. If the idea is a success, well and good. If it fails, you can just abandon it. The key is to try and experiment with new ideas.

Remember, imitate if you’re inexperienced, experiment if you’re experienced

4. A/B Test Design

There are a number of benefits of A/B testing subject lines. If anyone has made a solid foundation using good engaging content, proper subject lines, and made a good reputation, then A/B testing design should be the next step to follow. This can be really helpful in increasing your email open rate further and will definitely help you in standing out among all the competitors.

You can use CBT Mass Email Senderto test your emails.The software makes the task the easiest and quickest.

5. Use A Bigger Font

As a designer, you might think that using a smaller font is better and looks good. Ideally, that’s not the case. You should use a bigger font size as this increases readability and helps the user in understanding the content of the email better.

Make sure the font size is between 16px and 20px for maximum readability.

6. Use Big Buttons

Make sure the button size is big enough for the user to easily click on it. Usually, emails come with small-sized buttons that are hard to press and this results in low engagement. So remember to use bigger buttons as people are mostly using their thumbs to click on them.

Apple suggests a 44-pixel size while Google suggests 48 pixels, so keep that in mind while designing your emails.

7. Join Email Design Groups

Be socially active and join different groups of designers. Introduce yourself, share ideas, and grow together with the community. There are a number of Twitter groups as well as creative email designers on other platforms. It might be a good decision to get in touch with them in order to get new ideas.

8. Do Not Reach Beyond Your Grasp

Do not follow a trend just because everyone is following it. instead, weigh the pros and cons, analyze how it can be implemented in a better way, make sure your business actually needs it, and then think of a way of implementing it efficiently. A new trend nowadays is interactive emails. But just because everyone is doing it, it’s not necessary for you to do it. Analyze your business dynamics carefully and then make a decision.

9. Saying This Again Because It Is Important: Do Not Send All Image Emails

Do not send all image emails. This is because most of the clients don’t even load emails until the user explicitly asks them to. Due to this, most of the users would just see an empty space instead of an email. This will lead to low user engagement which in turn will lead to a lower sender reputation.

10. Think Before Putting A Navbar

A navbar might seem catchy and attractive, but using it is not always a good decision. They might get some clicks but they can, however, affect the overall content of your email. A navbar might indicate that the content of your email is not good enough so that the user has only the navbar left to click on. If your content is engaging, targeted, and well-formatted, then you won’t need a navbar at all.

11. Think Before Embedding A Video

Adding videos to emails is trending nowadays and although it might seem attractive, it is not always a good addition. Only a few clients support direct video previews in the emails, so for most of the receivers, the video won’t even load. And even if it does, it will cost a lot of data, which most of the users avoid. So embedding a video is not a good idea.

12. Respect The Intimacy

When someone receives your email, they are allowing you into their personal space. By sliding into their inbox, you’re in a place where their friends reside. Respect this relation and draft your emails while keeping this in mind.

13. Embrace What Comes

Working with emails is not an easy task. You will face a number of backlashes along your journey as you move ahead. Make sure that you learn from your mistakes and embrace them. The digital world is changing rapidly and you will be left behind if you do not learn from your mistakes and move on. Embrace the ever-evolving world of emails the way it is and try to give your best.

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