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The Top Email Service Providers for 2021

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05 Jan 2021

In today’s technological and modern world, email is the best and most common communication method, whether for business or personal use.

ESP (Email Service Provider) offers services to send and receive emails. Good ESPs are used on a large scale, it is a very useful tool due to its efficiency and it helps you build email templates, manage your contact lists, and send and track your campaigns as well. Most of its services are free, but some premium features may be paid.

There are several email service providers in the market with their unique capabilities. This article helps you to select the best email provider.

Email clients and Webmail are the two main types of email services.

Email desktop application allows you to configure either a single or multiple addresses. By using the Email desktop application, you can send, receive, and compose emails easily. Microsoft Outlook is the best example of an Email client.


Gmail is an email service managed by Google, and it is more beneficial than outlook, proton, and others. It allows you to send and receive emails. We can easily send and receive information in text, images using gmails. You can easily access Gmail using third-party programs that synchronize email details through IMAP or POP.


● It provides useful services that help you to follow up and respond to messages.

● You can view attachments, snooze messages, and open attachments without opening emails.

● Its vast features allow you to join hangouts or meet chat with others from your inbox.

● Gmail is secure and blocks phishing or malicious emails automatically.

Proton Mail:

ProtonMail is an open-source, optimized, and secure email service offered by MIT scientists and CERN. We can send and receive email using proton mail with end to end encryption. It is protected optimized by Swiss privacy law.


● No need for any personal information for creating an account.

● We can access ProtonEmail on any device without the installation of software.

● It is secured, and you can send and receive emails with end-to-end encryption.

● ProtonMail is optimized to help you better organize, compose, read, and send an email.


Microsoft Outlook provides an email service, and it is browser-based. It is included in Office 365, Exchange Online, and Exchange server. It helps you search for people, text conversations, and documents in email, which is very productive.


● It provides enterprise-grade security.

● Outlook has a built-in calendar, and that feature enables you to manage and schedule meetings or events.

● You can see contact information when you hover over its name.

● It provides an easy and best way to find people, text conversations, and documents in email.

1. Zoho Mail:

It is clean and quick and offers protection against spam or fake mails.


● It has a control panel feature in which the admin can easily change settings and make customization.

● It follows the e-Discovery operation that helps you to find emails very quickly.

● It also allows you to add comments in threads, share files, manage tasks, and tag your company team.

● You can integrate with Zoho CRM (Customer Relation Management) for sales management.


HubSpot is a tool that helps you to create and send emails without an IT expert or a designer. This application has ready to use templates. It can automatically reply to emails.


● It allows you to deliver personalized emails.

● It is user friendly and provides high security. You can send and receive emails with privacy.

● It permits you to modify email content easily.

● It allows you to send emails from CRM (Customer Relation Management).

● It can automatically reply to emails.


iCloudMail is something different from Gmail and operated by apple. You can use it with the Mail app on your Mac computer or iOS device or using MS Outlook on a computer having a Windows operating system.


● It permits you to access IMAP.

● It automatically finds new messages and puts them in the inbox.

● iCloud Mail loads automatically load HTML images.

Yahoo Mail:

It offers a free email account with massive storage. Also, it provides services of animated GIFs to show your feelings.


It allows you to customize your inbox by choosing theme templates.

● Users can find email by keyword, contact, or date.

● It provides animated GIFs to show your feelings.

● By using Yahoo Mail mobile app, you can manage your emails while you are traveling.

AOL Mail:

AOL Mail is a web-based free email service. It has a simple account interface for accessing the inbox without any interruption. It provides services by the division of Verizon Communications, AOL.


● It is beneficial to manage the AOL calendar.

● It allows you to customize the list view of emails.

● It enables you to organize your emails fabulously.

● AOL Mail has a customized panel, and it helps you to focus on your work.


Global Mail Exchange (GMX) is an email service provider used for advertising. Users can access GMX Mail by webmail POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.


● It offers attachments with file sizes up to 50 MB.

● GMX has a drag and drops feature to manage your schedule.

● It has an online address book that allows you to keep track of your contacts.

● It has robust email filter protocols that enable you to keep your inbox clean.


Yandex. Mail is a robust and secure email service provider. This service provider offers you to change the appearance of the mailbox to suit your mood.

You can change the appearance of the mailbox according to your mood. You can use the Yandex email on any Android device.


● It enables you to send messages on a timer to write messages in advance and send them at the exact timer.

● It checks all mails, and if any virus’s Mail comes, it stores it in a spam folder.

● It gives high security and protects against spam and fraud.

● Yandex allows you to access all Yandex services with one account.


A brilliant and convenient way to send an email is via Mail. Mail allows you to choose from more than 200 domains while creating an email address. This personalization of email addresses will work as an identification of a specific individual. You can select a location that fits their personality, profession, place, or lifestyle.


● It provides vast or unlimited email storage.

● Mail has a tool that protects your emails from viruses.

● It offers a convenient way to access your Mail through a smartphone.

CBT mass email sender is also a mass email marketing platform that provides the best service to its clients for sending emails in bulk.

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