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The Email Marketing Checklist: 25 Steps for a Successful Email Campaign

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05 Jan 2021

Email marketing is considered one of the best marketing channels because of its ROI when done perfectly. Many beginners make mistakes in their email campaigns and think it's not a big deal. They are wrong. These small mistakes, when pileup, can become a huge problem.

CBT Mass Email Sender is here to help you save yourself from making little to big mistakes so you can run a successful email campaign. Below is an email marketing checklist with 25 steps you need to keep in mind before sending out your email.

Campaign Strategy and Planning

1. Create Double Opt-in

Double opt-in is where people subscribe to your emails. Make sure you have created a double opt-in for your subscribers. Those who don't know what double opt-in is are a two-step sign-up form where subscribers confirm their subscription through email.

2. Relevant Email Opt-in

Make sure you have kept your sign-up form relevant to your emails so that people who subscribe to you can get an idea of what your emails will be the subject of your email.

3. The goal of an Email Campaign

The most crucial step in email marketing is deciding the goal of an email campaign. By plan, we mean the real results you want to achieve from a particular email campaign. Generally, email campaign goals are:

● Email to build a relationship with subscribers

● To boost engagement rate

● To maintain existing relations with subscribers

● To segment subscription list

4. Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience is always influential. When people subscribe to your emails, please encourage them to open up with you to understand their interests and email habits to plan future email campaigns.

5. Segment Your Subscription List

Segmentation means dividing subscription list intro groups by (location, topic, device) so you don't send irrelevant emails to your subscribers.

6. What Type Of Email Campaign Is It?

Generally, there are three types of emails, which are as follows:

● Transactional emails: These include password change requests, subscription confirmation, order confirmation, etc.

● Weekly newsletter: Include offers or knowledge you had promised while asking them to sign-up

● Promotional emails: These include a free submission, new product announcement, sale announcement, etc.

Be sure about the type of email you are sending.

7. Remove unsubscribed customers

Because if you miss this step, you may lose your reputation. Sending emails to those people who are not interested in your content anymore is costly too.

Email Content

8. Email Template

Email template is as essential as email content to grab your reader's attention so that they open and read your email.

9. Eye-Catching Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing most people read to decide whether to continue reading or not. Make sure your subject line is relevant, informative, eye-catching, and concise.

10. Personalized Email Intro

People like special treatment. Make sure to mention the reader by his/her name as it increases the open rate up to 26%.

11. Optimized Preview Text

Preview is displayed under the sender's name and subject line. Make sure you have utilized it, probably.

12. Language and Email Tone

If you are selling something, it's not necessary to have a selling approach. Keep your language and email tone friendly.

13. Length of the Email

People don't like reading long emails. Check if your email is more than 200 words long, don't drag it more, and keep it concise.

14. Links Added into Button, Image, Logo.

People often add buttons, images, and logos, along with text and forget to link them.

15. Clear CTA

Don't forget to add CTA (Call to Action Button) in your email to encourage subscribers to take your desired actions.

16. Additional Engagement Channels

If you have no engagement channels because you think blogs and email are enough, you are making a big mistake.

Email Preview

17. Proofread Email

Proofread is always essential. You may have disturbed your email alignment; it's better to go through it once more.

18. Make Sure Your Email Adds Value to Customer

People read your email for their benefit. Could you not make it all about you?

19. Mobile and Tablet Friendly

A large number of people read emails on mobile and table. Test your email if it is mobile and tablet friendly or not.

20. Spam Test

Run your email through a spam test. Make sure your subject line does not contain risky words.

21. Send Test Email

Send several test emails to check formatting, links, spelling, grammar, etc. Also, double-check your links if they are working correctly or not and if your images are in the proper size and shape.

After Sending Email

22. Schedule Best Time and Days

Don't just randomly schedule your email. There is always the best time for all businesses to send emails to get a high engagement rate. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are said to be the best days to send emails. According to some studies, 8 pm to midnight is a good time to send emails.

23. Ask For Feedback

Asking for feedback can help you plan your future email campaigns. Ask them if they want you to change anything about your emails. Or if they think something is missing, which, if added, can help them more.

Don't just collect feedback but work on it.

24. Monitor Email Metrics

If you are not monitoring your email metrics, you cannot estimate if your email campaign was a success or not.

Analyzing your email metrics helps you understand how many people opened your email and the click-through rate.

25. Regular Email Delivery

Are you sending emails regularly?

If not, you need to realize that people receive several emails daily; therefore, you need to work hard to stand out in the bulk of emails.

With consistency and patience, you will one day achieve your desired results from email marketing.

These were 25 email campaign checklists for you to carry out a successful email campaign and maintain a good reputation. CBT Mass Email Sender helps you carry out successful email campaigns by sending thousands of emails at once.

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