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The complete guide to e-Commerce email Marketing

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05 Jan 2021

Email marketing has developed a lot in the past few years. The main reason for its success is that it has the highest return if we compare it with any other digital marketing tactic. It's about a 122% median ROI for email marketing. It's four times more than any other digital marketing. It is the power of email marketing.

Email marketing helps you a lot to bring heavy traffic to your website. That's why it's imperative to start email marketing and build your email list as soon as you create your website.

If you don't know about email marketing and want to learn it, you don't need to worry about it because you are on the right platform. I will guide you on how you can do email marketing effectively and adequately. You have to read the following steps carefully written below. I hope this will solve a lot of issues related to email marketing. Lets learn how to get your visitors to your website.

Search for a reliable email service provider

Email marketers used to send many email messages to the subscribers to get traffic to their website, but now the time has changed, and now you can highly be personalized. This is all possible because of email marketing technology. Below are some tactics that you can adopt with one of the best ESPs on email marketing.

● To save much of your efforts, automate the process of capturing subscribers. This will help you not to do work manually. ESPs allow you to make a unique form for sending the subscribers to your defined email list.

● Always try to send emails to a large group of people by selecting the extensive email list. The free email services allow you to control different options like how often you can send large emails? And how many recipients you can include in your email list. There are free services like Gmail outlook etc. But ESPs don't allow you to use that option.

● Email tracking is very important. If an ESP provides you withmonitoring, and analyzing the campaign, this will be considered a good ESP. These tools will help you guide you on the proper path because of these tools. You can know which links are most popular, and what are your open rates?

● ESPs helps you a lot in sending the bulk of emails in one click. You don't need to send the emails one by one manually, but you can also have it done automatically by ESPs. This will reduce your time a lot. These emails that are sent depend on various things like date, subscriber behavior, etc.

● There are many templates that you can design and customize by yourself. You don't need to be an expert in this work. Using a template is a much effective and better way than a simple text email.

How to bring traffic to your e-Commerce website?

If you have some of your previous email contacts, it will be beneficial, but if you think you don't have any connections, you don't need to be worried about it.

If you want to create your email list througha WordPress website, you must have constant contacts and reputable ESPs. Now the question arises, how?

A unique email code form is provided by these services to copy and paste on your website. A gorgeous email subscription box will appear on your website as soon as you paste this code into your website and refresh your website. If any person enters its email address into the subscription box, a new email address will be provided to you and automatically added to your designated list.

The process becomes more manageable if you have a WordPress website, and you sign up for the constant contacts. Below is the detail of how you can do this.

Method to create a constant contact in WordPress

● First of all, install the constant forms plugin for Word Press.

● Now you have to create a new list or sync the contact list. You can do this by following these simple steps. In the right dashboard, there is a ' Constant Contact' option present. Just click on it and then select 'sync list with a contact list,' which is present at the top of the page. Now click on the 'Add new list' and now name the list according to your will. The new list is created.

● There are many options shown on your dashboard search for the ' Contact form' option and now add a new form.

● After naming the form, a description option will appear. Do you have to write why the visitors should subscribe to your list? It should be to the point and attractive.

● To add a new subscriber, select the constant contact list.

● Now design your form according to your choice by editing your button text and additional fields.

● You can add this form to your webpage or blog post on your website where ever you want to add. This is only possible after publishing your form. In simple steps, I will guide you on publishing your new form to a webpage.

● On your Word Press dashboard, there is a 'constant contact' option. Just click on it and now select 'All forms' from the menu.

● Search for the shortcode. Copy the shortcode and paste it on your static page.

● Now click on the 'Pages' option on the dashboard and select all pages now.

● After deciding on which page you want the form, then click on the 'edit.'

● There will a plus sign there in the content box. Just select the shortcode now.

● Now you have to paste this shortcode where you copied it earlier.

Method to add a new form on your web page in Word Press

A subscription box will appear on your static page as soon as you paste the shortcode.

Some of the best Word Press plugins for email marketing are Sumo and Mail poet.

CBT helps you to design an effective e-commerce email marketing strategy.

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