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The Best Time to Send Your Email Campaign

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05 Jan 2021

Timing is everything.It may not be everything, but it matters a lot when requiring subscribers to open your emails.

After completing a small survey about the best time to send an email, the answers we got from email marketers were Tuesday to Thursday morning from 8 am to 10 am. It is commonly known that people mostly open or check their emails in the morning. Nowadays, mobile phones have been increased so much that customers are using it all day and check their emails each hour and on almost all devices.

Best time to send an Email Campaign?

According to our research, most of the email opening occurs as people are starting their weekday. The email opening continues to happen until the evening hours when they taper off. In simple words, the best time we have to send our email marketing campaigns is during typical working hours.

Highest Mail opening Rate:

According to information, more than half of the email open occurs between 9 am to 5 pm, which means you can get the highest opening rate by sending emails during this time.

This should be kept in mind that your email content's quality matters more than the sending time. It's due to automation and personalization improves the email open rate, and you certainly don't want to avoid these steps.

Email Opens by Hour:

It can be expected that the opening rate of emails increases when people wake up in the morning and start their day. Similarly, it decreases when they go to bed for sleep. But it's worth highlighting:

● Half of the emails open during working hours from 9 am to 5 pm.

● The peak time to open emails is before and after lunch.

● Lunchtime opens only drop by a fraction.

● 47% of emails are opened after working hours, which includes lunchtime. Most of the non-working opens occur on mobile phones.

Know Your Audience:

To succeed in email marketing, understanding your demographics is the most important thing you need to do. You should know the habits of your audience and cater to them.

Few examples of how demographics withdraw the safe "best time to send" advice.

● If your target is the youth and technology demanding crowd, you can ignore the tip of not sending emails at night. For younger audiences, evening mail could be the perfect option that works.

● If you are in the entertainment industry, Friday could be the best choice for the youth looking for some fun to do.

● Weekends don't have to be off-bounds either. What if you have a great interest in reaching a tech-loving audience in a cold climate? I can guarantee that they spend lots of time checking emails on the weekend.

Don't forget your target demographics' time zone. You have to customize your email and send time depending on the location of your recipient.

Are you not getting the best Email Opening Rates?

Bad email open rates not only depends on your sending time but also depend on the following factors:

● Do You Have a Standout Subject Line? There are substantial subject lines when it comes to email marketing. You could argue that subject lines are even more important than the email copy since it's the subject lines' job to get people opening your message to begin with. Ensure you have a saucy, enticing subject line, and you're not making common subject line mistakes.

● Are You Sending Too Many Emails? No one likes a blabbermouth. Are you sending too many emails because of low email open rates?

● Is Your Message Mobile-Friendly? Your emails need to be mobile-friendly, end of the story.

Optimized Time for Email Campaigns:

There is no specific hour in which you should send your emails.

After all, almost half of the emails are opened outside of work hours. So we should optimize what we have sent instead of when we send it.

An email marketer needs to think simultaneously as our subscribers, being different periods of interaction with email, depending on the device. These windows are:

The 3-minute window:

When you are most likely to open an email on a mobile phone when waiting for coffee, you have just about enough time for a quick scan of new emails, forward on any urgent tasks, and take a note that needs to be revisited later in your free time.

The 5-minute window:

When you are most likely to open an email on a mobile phone, say, there is a time for a couple of email responses between meetings while driving in a taxi.

The 10-minute window:

When you are using either mobile or desktop, you have enough time to respond to the emails that are not so urgent and read those emails you have scanned earlier during lunch break.

To ensure email marketers make the most of their email program spend, Gary offered 4 key considerations to keep in mind before sending:

● Time of day – What is the best time to send your email marketing messages?

● Brevity – How much can someone read during the 3 minutes they have in the coffee line? Keep your duplicate to the point and make a clear call to action.

● First words – Your marketing campaign's initial words in the subject line are very much important content, so your words should be engaging and catchy.

● Mobile-first – Mobile email open rates are 42%, and it is continuously growing. We have to optimize email marketing for a mobile-first environment. Remember to test your landing pages on mobile phones. Ending up on a useless landing page is a terrible experience.


There is not a magic hour to send emails. Inboxes are scrolled throughout the week. By maintaining quality content and thorough optimization of the content, and sticking to your targeted demographic's accurate messages, you can raise your open email rates. CBT mass email sender helps its clients send emails in bulk at the Email opening's optimum and peak times.

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