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The Beginner’s Guide to Email Localization

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04 Jan 2021

Marketing cannot be confined to certain boundaries. Instead, marketers, based upon their products or services, have to reach out to different people across the globe and allure them into buying their products and services.

According to research, the global email users were 3.9 billion and are estimated to reach 4.3 billion by 2023.

This makes email an extensive marketing channel. So why not use it to as much of your target audience around the world as possible!

However, targeting consumers from a different geographical location is super challenging. Not only are there language issues, but also in their preferred ways of communication, timing, accent, etc. This led to the evolution of email localization -though many marketers confuse it with email translation. However, email localization aims to generate content that is more relevant and according to your customers’ needs based on their location. Find out all about email localization in the article below.

What Is Email Localization?

Email localization is a process of generating relevant content for your audience who lives in different countries and speak different languages so that they can understand email messages clearly.

For instance, for a fitness fashion brand marketing its products to consumers in the US has to entirely different than marketing for users in the middle east. For the US market, they’ll focus on cutouts while for the middle eastern region, they’ll have to display the amount of coverage it offers for fitness enthusiasts to consider wearing it without hurting their religious or cultural values.

Why You Should Localize Your Emails?

According to statistics, 70% of the people on the internet don't understand English. In addition, people want to receive promotional emails or newsletters in their native languages as it helps them understand the provided content and better engage with it.

Secondly, localizing your emails can significantly increase your ROI. An experimental approach of translating all the website content into different languages through various plugins resulted in 50% in web traffic.

According to research, on average 1 dollar of investment on localizing emails returned 25 dollars -such a huge hit.

It has been clear that localizing emails is more than translating the emails. The financial and other benefits reaped by email localization is phenomenal.

The Most Common Mistakes Marketers Do When Localizing Emails

The most common mistake marketers do is they directly translate the English version of their emails into different languages and send them to their audience. However, instead of directly translating the English version of your emails, it is better to hire someone who speaks the language of your target audience and can jot down emails according to the cultural norms of that country. For instance, knowing how people in China communicate with each other can help you create original copies for them based on their true ways of interactions and cultural norms. This will significantly increase the interaction and engagement rates of your email.

· Accent Issues

The accent can cause a hindrance when you are localizing emails. You have to communicate through your emails as you are talking to the reader directly in their native language. Although that's difficult, you can apply a few methods to spot the perfect cadence for your email.

You can hire someone who speaks the same language fluently and ask them to write a localized email. This is because learning a totally different language and communicate in the correct tone can be very difficult, so it's better to hire someone.

To communicate more effectively, you can refer to the weather conditions in their country to engage effectively. For instance, you are sending emails to the regions of North America in winters. So, you can use phrases like “cold winter breezes” in your emails to communicate much adequately.

· Inappropriate Subject Lines

According to the stats, 33% of the recipients open emails if they find the subject line right. The subject lines are one of the most important aspects of an email. Usually, it is considered that the subject line should not be more than 50 characters. However, if you are translating emails into another language the character limit might vary and cause difficulties.

You should avoid literal translating of the subject line from English to another language. This is because the character limit can exceed and may not even be relevant and suitable in the other language. You should come up with a totally unique subject line in the language you are sending emails to avoid any kind of hindrance.

· Unchanged Images

When you are localizing emails, you should change the images you have used in the English version of your emails. This is because those images might not suit the translated context. Using the same images can cause different interpretations of emails. Moreover, you should avoid using metaphoric images as they would be difficult to translate. The alternative to the metaphoric images which suit your localized emails can also be very difficult to find. A simple way to deal with this is to use cultural images. This would refine and upgrade the quality of your localized email.

· Segmentation

Geotargeting simply means that you are targeting your audience according to their location. According to research, every seven out of ten people provide their location so that they may receive products that are relevant according to their location.

You should maintain your customer data and segment them according to their location using CBT Mass Email Sender. This way it would be easy to send targeted emails to the right recipients. Moreover, you can build custom landing pages according to the geographical location of your audience and use them in your localized emails to send on point emails which are appropriate for your audience.


Email localization is a lot more than translating your emails. It requires you to amend your entire content according to the preferences and norms of your geographical segments. You need the right accent, images, and subject lines. It is mandatory to successfully deliver your message to your audience and encourage them to act in your favor.

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