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Test yourself: Email Drip vs Email Automation Campaigns

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09 Nov. 2020

Trying to turn your reader into a regular customer? Email marketing is the best option. It plays a vital role in creating and maintain a healthy customer relationship, which is vital for lead generation and increased conversions.

That being said, your emails have to be top-notch to fulfill these purposes. However, designing an email requires a lot of considerations from IP allocation to using gifs. One such highly considerable factor is the type of campaign. There are a variety of email campaigns suitable for different marketing requirements.

Email drip and email automation campaigns have gained much popularity in recent times and are preferred among many email marketers. In this article, you’ll find out everything about these two types of email campaigns and which one should you choose for your business.

What Is Email Drip?

Drip campaigns are part of a direct marketing technique aimed at acquiring customers through lead nurturing programs. They are characterized by a series of emails that drive instant responses from the sender and the receiver. Drip emails contain marketing information that the receiver is interested in obtaining.

These emails are usually pre-written and determine the reply from the reader assisting him with his queries or any other matter of concern. Email drips are usually set in a way to be sent on regular time intervals.

Email drip campaign intends to develop a direct, instant, and relevant communication between the sender and the buyer to strengthen their bond, improve their involvement, and boost interest. Drip emails offer 80% higher CTRs than individual emails.

Here are some of the proven perks of email drip to further help you understand their purpose.

What Is Email Automation Campaign?

Email automation campaigns in a very primitive and effective approach of increasing subscribers’ engagement and responsiveness to your emails. This marketing campaign involves sending dynamic emails to specific customers according to their changing behavior. These are sent at specific dates and timeswhich is determined by their purpose.

This automation campaign allows you to interact more steadily and actively with their customers. The reasons why email automation is popular are.

Email Drip Vs Email Automation: Which Is Better?

Email marketing is a very sensitive process, which has a direct impact on your sales. One mistake in sending an email can have a very adverse impact on the sender's reputation. It's better to evaluate both email automation and email drip campaign carefully to finallychoose the method for your marketingcampaign.

Both are proved to be effective nurturing leadsand are better than regular emailing. You need to correctly evaluate them to find the best one for your campaign.


To choose an appropriate campaign -email drip or email automation, for your marketing strategy it's better to thoroughly examine both. You can take a short test by optimizing both email drip and email automation assessing your business’s needs, this will help you to reach an ultimate decision of what will be efficient for your email marketing.

For the most effective results, you can pick CBT MassEmailSender, eliminates your burden by automating your emails in a skilled and organized way. It reduces your work to up to 50%.

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