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Tangled and Cached: How Email Filters Affect a Marketer’s Life

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07 Jan 2021

Are spam filters destroying your email marketing campaigns? Well, you are not alone in this. Email filters, especially spam filters are one of the most common hurdles for a marketer.

It is due to these filters that the emails end up in the spam box even after the customers willfully agree to receive them. Considering the significance of email marketing campaigns for increasing sales and revenues, this issue requires immediate notice and solutions. Thus, without taking any longer, let’s find a suitable way out of this problem.

What Is Email Filtering?

Email filtering refers to the process of organizing and distributing different types of emails into different folders. The automatic process was made to avoid spam messages and emails to relieve the recipient from going through dozens of useless emails.

The process requires the use of certain filters to determine the nature of an email received in the inbox. These filters are formatted on specific criteria that enable the filtering software to use anti-spam techniques which then determine the red flag for spam filters and categorize the emails.

  • Functions of spam filters are
  • Detects virus-infected and malicious links and other unsolicited content in the incoming emails and send them to the spam folder
  • Organize the outgoing emails to make sure that the users are complying with terms and policies
  • Even though email marketing is one of the most common marketing strategies and is also highly favored by most receivers, it often does not yield the expected outcome only because of the spam filters. Therefore, marketers must learn the art of avoiding spam filters when sending emails.

    How To Avoid Spam Filters When Sending Emails?

    Avoiding spam filters does not require a marketer to become a hacker. Just keep the following steps in mind while sending emails to your target audience and you are all good to go.

    Sign up Process

    The very first thing you should do is to revisit your sign-up form. At the time of agreeing to receive your emails, the recipients are asked to fill and submit the “sign-up” form. A marketer should check if your sign-up clearly states your email’s content type. Also, make sure to highlight email’s frequency which means how often the customers will be receiving your marketing emails. This helps in getting the recipients’ pre-hand acknowledgment of your emails.

    Make Personalized Email Segments

    Making a segmented email list is the art every marketer must excel in. Email segmentation means to categorize your audience into different categories and only send the relevant emails to them. Decide which recipient should receive your newsletters or to whom you will send your promotional emails.

    Why does it matter?

    Segmenting emails might seem a hectic job but believe us, it holds a great impact on your email deliverability. When you keep sending dozens of emails without checking your recipients’ responses, the Internet Service Providers recognize your emails as being ignored by the recipient and start directing them to spam. There goes all your hard work in waste. Hence, direct your emails to segmented recipients as per the content of your emails.

    Adjust Email’s Frequency

    As a marketer, you cannot forget to update your recipients about your product once a month nor you should irritate by flooding their mailboxes with your emails. Even maintaining your email frequency plays an important role in avoiding spam filters. You can do so by monitoring the metrics of your emails and their engagement rates.

    Pro Tip: As per observations, a good email frequency is spotted around 8 times a month though it can vary from brand to brand.

    Add an “Unsubscribe” Option

    No matter how good your content is or how long your recipient has been receiving your emails there can come a time when they just want to stop hearing from you. However, sometimes informing you to stop sending emails becomes a headache for them. That ultimately leaves a negative impact. Even though it’s time to bid farewell, you should not leave a bad impression of your brand on your receipts.

    So what can you do?

    Empower them with the right to easily ‘unsubscribe’ your emails or change ‘preference center options’ which gives them the authority to adjust the email experience as per their suitability.

    Avoid the Red flag for spam filters

    Red flags are certain words that can give signals to spam filters and can make your emails end up in the junk/spam folder. Following are some of the most common red flags for spam filters; try not to use these words in your emails:

    While we are at avoiding the spam filters, let’s not leave caching out.

    Caching is the process of storing data and images in a temporary storage area (cache) to make future operations related to that data a bit quicker.

    But how does that escort your emails to the spam folder? Well, the images in your emails can be used to track the engagement (per click) of your content. The marketers try to count the number of times, the images were clicked on. It helps them to record the engagement of your content but since the leading mail service providers have started cashing, it can difficult to track down the accurate email engagements. A poor track of these metrics can take the marketer back at the first step.

    How To Find Out Accurate Metrics Of Your Email Engagements?

    While tracking the clicks on your image, closely monitor the ones that are new and differentiate them from the aggregate ones. With the help of this step, you will be at least able to figure out how many times your recipient opened it versus how many times the system did it.


    Email marketing, an integral and equally challenging marketing strategy, demand strict attention. It can take some time for you to find out the exact combination of marketing techniques that’ll work out for you, but once it’s done, your emails can get the right response they deserve. A simple way to ensure that is by using CBT Mass Email Sender, which allows the users to generate engaging and attractive emails that are healthy for their recipient's inbox and will definitely not be spammed by the service provider.

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