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SMS and Email marketing works together to create an ultimate engagement Duo

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05 Jan 2021

Effective marketing strategies, perfect execution, follow-up, and customer engagement are all the factors that contribute to the ultimate success of marketing campaigns. Customer engagement is the in-progress interaction of the customer with the company. To run all the other factors, the most important thing that comes forward is approaching your prospects effectively. Customer engagement is essential to proceed and grow your business. If done properly, a strong customer engagement strategy may lead to more sales and make your customers stick with you sincerely for future campaigns. Customer engagement can be done in many ways, like customer care, post-delivery services, promotions, effective marketing strategies, and product enhancements,to build a strong connection.

SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing is a new tool but coming forward as a potentially powerful tool to connect with customers, as mobile phones have become a vital part of all and sundry lives. So text marketing can prove fruitful for many businesses. SMS marketing has been proved to be the quickest tool to connect with your customers as you are approaching your customers within some seconds of delivering your text.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing has come forward as the most professional way to connect with your lead and generate sales. In email marketing, you are directly approaching prospects to promote your business or products most professionally. And most of the subscribers check emails just intending to get offers, promotions, etc. Let CBT mass email sender be your mass email sending service provider to ensure the best ROI.

How do they work better together?

Both channels meet an eccentric need and deserve a special place in your communication toolset. As email marketing is the most widely accepted lead generation channel, an email and SMS marketing partnership, or cross-channel approach, can be the best option for marketers to progress forward.

Estimating when it will be better to send SMS rather than sending an email or delivering them will help you connect with your audience whenever needed. Let’s look at how SMS and Email work together toknow when and how to approach each channel.

Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Assessing your customers with multiple channels makes your brand get more familiar with your prospects. As people nowadays are using multiple screens, so it is an excellent way to connect with them through promotions on different platforms. For instance, when a person has read a text regarding your company and receives an email from the same company, it will last on his mind, and he will unconsciously get a positive image of your company.

Multi-channel messaging targets:

As you know, many youngsters check their messages daily, and middle-aged people who are concerned with professional life are used to regularly checking emails. Why do not you manage to access both of them? A person who misses your emails can read your short texts provided with links to subscribe emails for detailed information. And when you consider opt-in email methods to approach your lead, you can get personal information like name, contact number, etc. So you can approach them for SMS marketing too. By implementing these tricks, you can reach a comparatively larger audience.

Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Cross-channel campaigns, including email and SMS, permit brands to approach potential consumers at the right time. A well-composed message makes consumer interaction with the company easy and effective. You can leverage various platforms depending on their wide popularity and sending at the right time of the day. By implementing multi-channel messaging, one can give a seamless experience for consumer’s convenience.

Multi-Channel Messaging Campaigns

A survey has proved that email only campaigns generate 12.9% less revenue than duo marketing campaigns of email and SMS.

Multi-channel consumers purchase three times more stuff than single-channel shoppers, so companies who approach multiple communication channels will likely get more sales. Email marketing and SMS marketing, if run together, give more familiarity and make more sales.

Quick and detailed messaging

SMS is considered one of the quickest communication channels where you send a brief message, alerts, or offers to your customers by just hitting a send button. It will be delivered to your customers with a notification pop up on mobile phones of the receivers. At the same time, email permits you to deliver detailed messages. Here you share every minor detail related to the product and the company. So, you can go with the SMS when you need to send a quick message, limited time offers, or a minor piece of information, and email is appropriate to send when the message intended to deliver is less urgent and contains detailed information about the product.

Build an ultimate Contact List

When you are initiating a new business, you start from scratch to build connections and generate customers. But you can save half of your energy for building a contact list.

Suppose you have decided to continue with email marketing. In that case, you can use the double-opt-in method and while the willing prospects are filling your subscription form, ask for other personal details, especially their contact number. So you can utilize these contact numbers for SMS marketing later. When you are willing to initiate your business with SMS marketing, always send them your email subscription link to get more details about the product.

They will coexist later to increase connection and build a warm contacts list ultimately. For instance, when you are launching a new product or offer, you will send them an email about it, and you can add your SMS link to get you approached for quick message alerts. And while sending SMS, you will add an email link for accessing more details. And a short message alert will inform them to check email for the latest or upcoming products.

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