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Send Bulk Emails without Spamming from a Consumer's Perspective

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04 Jan 2021

When you start sending bulk emails from your drip email sequence, your focus is to attain an optimal open-rate and minimal spam rate as your campaign is at the stake of getting failed due to an imbalance in these rates. So you should check it from the reader's perspective if they could mark it as spam or not. For this, you need to verify the following steps:

Evaluate your Email's Spam Rate with Spam Assassin:

Email marketing services help estimate the sender's reputation rating, spam-level and give suggestions to improve each Email. The popular program Spam Assassin evaluates an email's spam-level. It provides a general score like 0-4 it means an email is safe from the spam folder. Likewise, 4-6 means an email possesses incorrect text and will most likely go in the spam folder, and more than 6 are spammed emails or will get blocked.

Outbound email Marketing:

Avoid purchasing emails list. When you pop up into prospective's inbox unwillingly, they would probably get annoyed. As in the present age, opt-in forms and double opt-in methods are common practices, and this is considered an ethical way to get permission before you start sending your email drip campaigns. So when a recipient receives emails which he finds uninteresting, they block you or send you as spam.

Access a reliable Email Service Providers-ESP:

Email Service Providers have an excellent reputation depending on the good reputation of their consumers. If ESP's consumers deliver relevant and quality content and gain high ratings on their IP addresses, their ESP gets to be trustworthy. So this is a must to avoid disreputable ESPs as their IP addresses will likely get blocked by reputable email service providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or Mail.

Highlight the Unsubscribe Link:

Most of the email composers cleverly hide their unsubscribe button in the intention to get it skipped from subscribers' eyes. Unknown to the fact that this is just a self-deceptive trick. As when you are not providing exciting and quality content according to your reader's will, they will unsubscribe you. And when they can't find an unsubscribe link, they would send you to spam. So it may not prove profitable to hide or minimize the unsubscribe link. Because a high spammed rate will notify your email service provider (ESP) as a spammer, and they may permanently or permanently block you. So hiding un-subscribe links increases optimal spam rate risk.

Always consider Email list Hygiene:

Email list hygiene is getting rid of inactive, uninterested, or non-responding email addresses. Getting a long email list is not essential; instead, try to get active users as much as you can. When you send emails to a larger net but get a very minimum open rate, this may hit badly to your success rate. So keep making new email contact lists at regular intervals. You will have comparatively lesser but active potential prospects. You can focus on nurturingthem and meet their interests, and this will make you create relevant content that will refrain you from going to the spam list.

Add appealing subject lines:

Your subject line is the first thing that captivates the reader's attention. So try to make it absorbing. Don't use spammed words in your subject line like guarantee, $$$, free, password, and many of such words available on Google. Avoid using capital words or exclamation marks too. Please don't make it a near to impossible statement. As too good to be factual statements imparts your impression as a scam. Suppose you set high hopes in your subject line and your content, product, or service do not meet consumers' expectations. In that case, they will un-follow you as soon as possible because getting an email opened is not enough. You have to make it appealing enough to make your consumer engaged with it.

Avoid making False Promises:

Please don't set your consumers' hopes too high to make possible later as many marketers show themselves as some extraordinary brand and make false promises to provide excellent services. But they can't meet their expectations later, so the consumers angrily marked them as spam.

Track Consumer's Complaints:

If you receive abuse complaints, there are chances for you to get blacklisted even if your emails are relevant. Your subscribers may not be willing to receive bulk emails, or your unsubscribe link is not highlighted. They may not find it. So instead of unsubscribing you, they will send you to spam.

Focus on your Email's Design:

Your Email's design matters a lot. A messy, overcrowded, or flourished email design can prove to be a turn off for your reader. It would help if you designed it in simple language. Use web-safe fonts, or if it is necessary to use such fonts, add a fallback font as a backup. Use main points, bullets, or subheads to make your content look precise and meaningful. Choose font or colors according to your brand's identity. Try to pursue the colors present in the logo of the company. Your landing page should be well constructed too. Your links should be presented in highlighted form. Make your design look simple yet effective.

Concentrate on the Email's content:

Your email content should be well composed and engrossing from the introduction to the end. Compose a precise and accurate email body. Your introduction should be continual of the subject line and add something about your company. Try to keep the length as short as possible. Make bullets or subheads. This will make the reader have a quick go through the Email. Make a suitable ending too.

Proofread before sending your Emails:

Before you send emails to your prospects, send it to yourself. So you can check any design issues, grammatical mistakes, or spelling errors. These all can prove to be a big blunder hitting your professional image. Send out to your display to see how it will look on the recipient's display and make corrections if you need any.

Avoid sending Emails at Odd hours:

Don't send your emails at odd hours of the day because people receive so many emails each day. They have no time to read each of them. If you send emails at busy hours, they will be suppressed by the email crowd they have received. And when they have too many unopened emails from your address, they will find it useless to stay in touch with you. So they will send you to spam or unsubscribe you.

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