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Optimum Email Send Times

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07 Nov. 2020

Have you ever sent an email in the middle of the night? And later regretted it thinking that it might have disturbed one's sleep? Well! Yes. It's absurd to interfere in someone's time particularly when you are dealing with them professionally.

Being an email marketer, you would always want to play safe and ensure everything from your end to receive maximum prolific returns on your email. 23% of marketing emails are expected to open in 60 minutes after being sent.

One of the most vital aspects to consider while sending a marketing email is to determine the time when you are sending it. It may sound ordinary to you, but it holds immense importance in an effective email marketing strategy. Sending your quality content marketing email at a vague hour can get you under the water. To get a better idea of this take a look at your email list and assess the time slots they were sent. It's not a coincidence that the times of most of your emails are resembling. It's a strategy.

Why Is The Email Send Times Important To Consider?

Email marketing is all about satisfying your customer to ultimately reach your goal -better sales. Choosing the wrong timing is also considered a lack of discipline and ethic and can directly harm the sender's reputation.

Here are some more motives about why you should be concerned about your email timings.

It is pretty clear now that the email times are a must to consider and, an email marketer should pay sufficient attention to this aspect of marketing. However, there is no one rule of thumb that can be useful and applicable to all the marketing emails. It solely depends on 3 things

     1. Your marketing email content

     2. Your marketing email intent

     3. Your targeted audience

Once you've comprehended these things, then it's pretty easy to perceive the best time to send your marketing emails. Hence, here we have gathered some valuable pieces of information from different researches that might help you relate your email marketing strategies with the optimum email sending times.

What Is The Optimum Email Sending Times?

There are numerous resources present on the internet stating their experiences on what works best for them. Yet! There is no perfect time that works for all.

It all depends on the specific time of the days your customers and prospects are the most available. Here is a list of prime times when there is higher possibility of your email getting an absolute read, resulting in higher CTR's for you.

Bonus Points:


An average email user gives five hours of his day in checking his emails and, your goal is to find that perfect hour when you can get a positive response on your email. Be very vigilant while sending your email at the right time, depending on its type and your audience preferences. Cold emails can get you a decline in your sales affecting your average ROI and CTR's. Bringing these habits into practice can unexpectedly get you mind-blowing results and create a very professional image of your brand. Being a marketer, you must adapt yourself to your buyer persona daily regime and estimate the hours of the day he’d like to receive your emails. Don't forget to check the time zone of your customer's residence and send accordingly. Taking care of these little nerve points can make your reader your regular purchaser.

If you want to make your work easier, you can check out CBT Mass Email Sender. The software will assist you in collecting customer data to find out their location and time zones and sending them bulk emails accordingly.

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