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New Holiday Email Templates: Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monda

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06 Jan 2021

The holiday season is almost here and it is a crucial time for every email marketer. This perfect blend of excitement and stress can have a very strong impact on your marketing campaign. When we say excitement, we mean that since its holidays, we do not have that much of office work rather only one prime task and this is where the stress can take over the good holiday vibes. This is exactly the time when a marketer should make full use of his creativity and design an interesting marketing campaign for the coming occasions. However, email marketing can also get hectic as it’s not just one or two occasions a marketer wants to include in his campaign but a stream of holidays.

Moreover, since it’s holidays, we all know that a lot of people would have a lot of free time and they would probably scroll different sites while sitting on the sofa, having a cup of coffee, maybe. But instead of the coffee warming their hearts, a marketer wants his emails to do the honor for his customer’s heart. Despite the timeframe and creativity block, a marketer can never miss this perfect opportunity to boost a brand’s marketing campaign. Here we have gathered some wonderful holiday email templates and ideas that are going to make this holiday season even merrier for the marketer and his customers.

Responsive Holiday Email Templates

This holiday season let’s try new ideas to make our marketing campaign fun. To begin styling holiday templates for your emails, beware of a common mistake that many marketers make, and that is the idea of having to create whole new email designs and HTML email templates. That idea alone can make you stressed and demotivated. Therefore, kick that impression out of your mind as you don’t have to start designing your holiday email template from the scratch. There are so many existing templates that you can use for your marketing campaign. However, make sure to make a few changes to the templates to make it fit for your brand.

For instance, if you have chosen an already existing email newsletter template for your next campaign, you can edit its HTML elements and remodel the template as per your choice. You can also alter templates’ variables in a different style from the main template.

Holiday Templates Variables

There are several variables that you can edit as per your need. Of course, it depends on the type of email marketing campaign you are preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Most probably, you would need to edit the personalization variables which include customer data, name, etc.

Also, if you have not thought about collecting your customers’ data yet then what are you waiting for? Start collecting it now through the email personalization form. You need to make personalized emails to boost your marketing campaign because it’s easier to catch the recipients’ attention with their names mentioned in the subject line. Otherwise, amid the bulk of emails entering into the recipient’s inbox every day, your email can go completely unnoticed.

However, if you are already using personalized email templates then consider a few adjustments in it to make it suitable for your brand and the respective holiday theme.

Let us explain it to you with an example that if you have an e-Commerce website and your aim for the next marketing campaign is to bring more traffic on to your site during the holiday season, then you should change the personalization of your emails. You can shift the focus from your customer’s interest to more on the needs of their beloved ones. Because whether it's Christmas or Thanksgiving, people like to wish their beloved ones and also gift them something valuable. This is the right time to change your holiday email content and make your customers believe that they should at least visit your site to see amazing products at amazing prices.

Templates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not the traditional holidays but are surely one of the most important shopping holidays of the year. Many brands offer huge discounts on their products therefore, many people make great purchases during these holidays. This is the chance to increase your sale.

To create an email template for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you should put your focus on promoting special offers therefore, no need to put useless information. The best way to go with is to stay on point and make your offer stand out by highlighting it. Keep the design of the template simple but glossy, and attractive with a touch of bright color to make the CTA button easily pointed.

Templates for Christmas:

People love shopping especially when they get discounts and on the occasion of Christmas, everyone wants to make their beloveds merrier by gifting lovely presents to them. Therefore, instead of putting the focus on the discounts, your email templates for Christmas need to focus on the quality of your products along with the social values. For example: “This will make Christmas merrier for your kids”

The template design should be easy to use however, make it sparkling so that it gives the holiday vibes and uplifts the mood of your customers.

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

When we said that you need to put a little more effort into your marketing campaign this holiday season, we meant to follow email marketing tips. A few things that can help you improve email deliverability during the holiday season are:

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