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Mistakes to avoid while writing Emails:

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05 Jan 2021

In present times, most of the Email marketing campaigns fail because of some mistakes that may look ordinary but can cause it to fail badly. Listed down are some of them provided with the suggestions to amend it:

1 Sending a 'Welcome Email':

Have you ever received a welcoming email right after you have subscribed? How does it look like? Does not it feel like something you are not looking for? It is not a thing you are expecting right after you have subscribed to them. Because you always follow an itemthat you find meaningful, informative, or interesting. And a welcome Email is not any of them.

So try to send something useful or informative about your brand, so your subscriber feels like they have come up to the right thing or have made the right choice instead of sending 'Thanks for Subscribing' as it does not fit well into your first good conversation's standard.

2 Overlooking Customer Segmentation:

When you segment your subscribers with factors like their age, interests, location, language, or buying history, you make them feel valuable to you. It makes them interested in visiting your mails regularly.

Segmentation could be based on the following information:

3 Not considering Clear Call to Action:

Sometimes you have some new products, offers to grab, upcoming sale alerts, other discounts, etc. You want to inform your subscribers. For this purpose, you send a mail to your loyal subscribers connected with a link that can lead to a landing page or product. What if the link is added to a small button that does not look different from the previous text or is too down that the person can skip it. It can cause most of your subscribers not to reach the desired destination because many are bad at using technology.

So make a clear end goal in your mind while you are writing an email. In general, it could be getting views on a new post, reading your blog, directing readers to a landing page, or making them complete a survey

Followed by this, you can design your email in a way that can guide your reader to the final action.

You can add words like 'Head here' or 'Click here' in the highlighted form.

Highlighting buttons and asking people to click on that button or a picture to lead them to your landing page is an excellent way to make a more transparent call to action.

4 Poor subject lines:

What if you have amazing, informative, and useful content in your email body, but you don't make a suitable subject line. That will not justify your content. You can lose the whole game. As the subject line is the first thing reader will read and even the first thing which will let them decide whether to read the rest or not? Is that meeting their interests or not.

For optimal engagement, try to write precise and goal-oriented subject lines that are engaging and clear.

5 Contravening Email marketing platform's "terms of service":

If you breach your email marketing platform's terms of service, these companies may shut down your account or blacklist your domain.

To avoid any mishap, you must check and review their policies and terms of service before sending out your Email Marketing Campaigns to ensure that they don't violate their rules.

6 Not involving optimizations for mobile users:

Make sure to optimize your emails for mobile devices, as in present times, most of the subscribers read emails from mobile phones. Be siding it. You should know the best email results in providing a good experience both on desktop and mobile. It might ask for some extra minutes to set your Email format perfectly. But your efforts will worth it. Also, make it comfortable to open because some users are not so good at using technology, and serving each reader's needs is crucial.

7 Sending emails at an inappropriate time

Test and try different times to see the best open rates and most engaged list.

You should observe well which time suits you the most for getting optimal readers because Timing is a game-changing aspect of email campaigns.It would be best if you analyze from your data at what time of the day you get the most traffic. And one more point is to avoid sending it at odd hours. It is usually considered to be the late morning that 10-12 am.CBT mass email sender helps you to decide on the best Timing that fits your campaign.

8 Over flourishing Email Content:

It might be surprising for some creative writers who play well with all the options available. Over-designing or overcrowding your email's content can make it lose all its impression. Especially for some serious Business Emails, you are suggested to avoid them all.

9 Not Highlighting Sign-Ups:

If you have professional design and perfect text that is a mobile-optimized and perfect product to offer but have a few subscribers to send it to, sorry, but you fail at your email marketing campaign.

Well yeah, it is not something that will work out for you overnight, but you need to stick to it all the time because getting enough subscribers to increase your traffic is the main thing, and that too when no number is counted as enough as you want more and more.

And this is not possible when people cannot see the sign-up button. It happens because it is too down or not well mentioned to get eyed.

10 Hiding unsubscribe Link:

This is a common tactic to hide the unsubscribe button. They convincingly find it an effective way to avoid losing subscribers. But unfortunately, they may seem a bit annoying for the user instead of making your content great. You can use other methods to hide it. Well, it is suggested to add it somewhere between the texts. They may skip it while reading, but at least it won't make you lose your reliability.

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