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Marketing Email vs. Transactional Email: What's the Difference?

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05 Jan 2021

Before going into the detail of the difference between a marketing email and a transactional email. Let us first have a look into how transactional email and marketing email are defined as


Marketing Email:

Any email that is done for the sake of getting customers is called a marketing email. Such emails contain commercial messages intended to convert the recipient of the message into the customer and hence are sent to the specific group of people who can be customers.

Transactional Email:

A transactional email is an email sent to the recipient in response to some transactional activity by them. An example of this is when you want to change your Facebook id password, your request for a change in password and response gets some email, and such an email is called transactional email. It is not sent to a group of people as it is personal information based email.

After reading these definitions, you must now have been able to define what transactional email is and what marketing email is.

Transactional Email

These emails may also be defined as triggered emails because the sender sends them to the recipient in response to some activity they perform at the webpage. You likely search for some information and you get some email providing you with relevant content.

Examples of the transactional email include:


A newsletter is considered a transactional email because it sends the recipient some transactional message that drives them through the tunnel.

Bank statements

Banks send monthly statements to the users, even without any interaction from the user end. These emails often contain information or some link that might be useful for the recipient.

Social media notifications

Suppose you have turned on the email notifications for your social networking sites. In that case, you receive emails containing messages related to your social media activity or some update related to it.

Security alerts

You must have noticed the emails you get when you change your security password of Facebook or any other social networking account. Such emails confirm if you have done the security setting. Such emails intend to provide some extra security to the user.

Ecommerce order updates

The online business stores send these emails to their customers to inform them about their orders' status. When you order something online, you get emails from the e-Commerce business site you have placed an order. You get the email notification for the confirmation of the order. After the order starts proceeding further, you get email notifications through which you can get the idea of your order's status and possible delivery time. This is an excellent example of a transactional email.

Marketing Email

Marketing emails are not automatically generated or are triggered emails in response to some activity. Instead, these are well-planned and timely emails that convert the email recipient into a potential customer. These are sent for the business intent and are persuasive enough to achieve their marketing purpose. These focus on acquiring new customers, retaining them, and engaging them. Marketing emails are generally sent to a group of related audience. You can utilize CBT mass email sender to send these emails to your bulk audience if you are on some marketing campaign.

Examples of marketing email include:

Cross-sell offers

These are the marketing emails intended to sell the product related to something you have already purchased, like complimentary products. Consider, for instance, that you have recently purchased a cell phone, now you have started getting emails like getting your smartphone a protector or a cover. Such emails have a high tendency to market the products.

Upsell offers

Upselling offers involves offering the customer higher-end quality of a product they are already purchasing. For example, if you are installing Grammarly into your system, you will get emails like purchase the premium version of Grammarly because it provides additional and beneficial services.

Product updates

Product updates involve the emails as if you are using the older version of some item. You will get an email to shift towards the recent version. These may be classified as transactional emails.

Discount coupons

Discount coupon email is a code that you can enter when purchasing some items and get a discount in response. These emails are beneficial in turning the recipients of emails into customers. You must have experienced shopping for something online, especially for the first time, getting a discount coupon.

Marketing and Transactional combined Emails

These are the transactional emails that lead to the commercialization of the product. Such emails integrate the marketing message within the transactional email organically. Transactional emails are a way to engage the customer and build a brand identity that ultimately leads to marketing.

Amazon and some other online stores send transactional emails with marketing intent in it. At some order confirmation email, you must have seen messages like "customers who purchased items that you have ordered, also bought this (any other product)"

You must also have seen some transactional thanking email that may become marketing by providing information about another product and suggesting you buy it.

Marketing vs. Transactional Email

Transactional emails are generally one to one emails, sending an email to only one recipient of that particular message. You cannot send the same transactional email to a group of people. However, this is not the case with marketing emails, where you can target a large number of audiences and send emails in bulk.

Transactional emails intend brand recognition and brand identity. However, marketing emails trigger future buying deals.

Marketing emails can also suggest you buy a similar product from the brand. Sometimes, you cannot differentiate between transactional and marketing emails. This is where both reinforce each other.

Final words

Whether the email is marketing or transactional, you can hire the services of the CBT mass email senderfor sending your audience emails in bulk. CBT mass email senderoffers a complete plan from creating campaigns to sending emails to the audience

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