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Increase Email Open Rates Using These Subject Line Psychology Hacks

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05 Jan 2021

The most effective channel for increasing your business is email marketing. The subject line matters a lot for an email. Most people think that the email's main body is the only thing that matters, but that's their big mistake. Because the subject line helps the writer to make his visitors open his email. Otherwise, only a good body is useless to attract your visitors; you have to focus a lot on the subject line. A lot of organization has got help from CBT to see the email best practices to make a good subject line.

There is a particular way to write a very compelling subject line. This source is known as direct mail. It provides you with guidance to improve your subject line.

The primary purpose of any subject line is to attract the email recipient and persuade him to open the email. This is also known as the cardinal rule.

The subject line developed by this cardinal rule is usually effective and can increase visitors and improve your emails' open rates.

Email subject line is essential because if it's improper or has no exciting words, the reader will ignore your email, and you will get very few visitors for your email. To avoid this, you should be very careful in selecting the words for your subject lines. It should not keep full information. It means that create a subject line and all the information should not be mentioned entirely in it. Then the reader has no reason to select your email. He will simply skip your email, so be smart and put the interesting words in your subject line.This ensures that the visitor can't ignore your email and clicks on that to get the complete information.

CBM mass email sender helps you to increase your email open rates. The question arises that how we can improve our email open rates. To answer that question, we should look at the cardinal rule of the email subject line. We will get four subject lines than psychology hacks to improve your subject line to get reasonable open rates. Let's discuss them. They are as follows:

1. 6 Principal marketing motivators

Successful email marketers have asignificant purchase history of the consumer and their physiological behavior and psychographic characters. Through some different kinds of tests and data collected, the direct mailers realized that readers are motivated due to some attractive or emotional element in the emails. These emotions can be used for increasing traffic or visitors to any email.

We can use the following marketing motivators in our subject lines to gain more traffic and subscribers. And they increase the response rate for direct mails. These includes:

● Fear

● Greedy nature

● Feeling guilty for something

● Need approval for anything

● Anger

● Exclusivity

If you become successful in attaching these emotions with your subject line,you will see emotions' power. This increases a lot of your subscribers and notices better email open rates. You should not forget to tag emotions in your subject lines. An example of fear is,"Are you ready for an exam. " An example of Greedy nature is "The secret to becoming a rich person." An example of exclusivity is "That's the last piece to order. " An example of Anger is "Health secrets that your physician is not telling you. " An example of Need approval is "The 5 best ideas that your relatives will ask from you ". An example of feeling guilty is "Your friend's health is at risk. " These are examples of the emotions you can add to your subject lines.

2. Ask different questions in subject lines

Asking different questions also helps your audience to stay at your emails and keep reading your content. Because reading different questions creates suspense in the people. They want to know the answer to these questions, and in search of that knowledge, they click on your emails and increase your email open rate. The questions also make the readers participate in this scenario, and they provide the answers.

The reader becomes a partner in these cycles of giving and taking sales. The reader will feel more comfortable reading the remaining part of your pitch. So, through questions, you can ensure the recipient's involvement with the content of your email.

3. By avoiding title case

The consumer and subscribers get many useless scam messages in their inbox. This gives a terrible impression to the viewers, creates a lack of trust among the consumers, and they start hesitating to open the emails. As a result, you have to bear the loss of viewers.

You, as a businessman, should think about how you can provide quality content to your viewers. And how you can make your subject line more specific to your content. The best method is to make your subject line contain an interesting question, as discussed earlier. The other thing you can do is capitalize the first letter of each word or capitalize an entire word that you feel is important. Write your subject letter with some makeup in its layout.

4. Advantage of personalization

There is a famous saying that a person's name is the sweetest word for him in all the languages. It's about 100 years old quote, but it's true. It has proven that if you use the names in your content, it can increase the profit ratio up to 30 percent. So, whenever you create a subject line, try to add the name of the prospect. Let me explain to you with an example. You can write a subject line as "we have to go, are you ready, Zain." This will helps you a lot in increasing your email open rates.

The above psychological hacks are beneficial for writing engaging subject lines.

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