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How You Can Build an Email Marketing List as Quickly as Possible

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06 Jan 2021

Email is one of the most commonly used marketing channels that helps in maintaining excellent customer relationships along with reaching out to potential customers. In the current scenario, every business is focused on improving its email marketing even more. Therefore, if you don’t want to be left behind in this field then try to upgrade your email marketing techniques from scratch.

A very basic practice to garner a good response from your email marketing is to have an ever-ready email marketing list. A lot of times, marketers get caught up in their work and overlook this practice, however, an email list holds great significance in the success of a marketing strategy.

An upgraded email list can facilitate you in conveying your message to the appropriate recipients and, also boost your business giving your products and services a better platform to be displayed and noticed by a large number of scattered customers quickly. But what is the best way to build your mailing list and more importantly how to reach out to more people?

Quick Steps To Build An Email List

Below is a detailed guide answering all your questions regarding the building of an email list as quickly as possible. The entire process has been divided into steps to help you easily understand and follow through them.

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your receivers is the first basic thing you need to focus on. People would only subscribe to you if they find the content of their interest. Therefore, you need to first know your audience, their needs, and your preferences. Only then, you will be able to dispatch the appropriate content targeting accurate recipients.

To begin with, make a chart commonly known as ‘marketing persona’ that will portray your ideal customers. You need to write down whatever information you have about your customers in that chart and once you have stored maximum information in that chart, try to track down the interest and need of your subscribers. It’s easy to guess the needs of your subscribers however, finding out their interest can be the difficult part. In such situations, social media can help you out. If people have signed in through their social media accounts or have submitted their account usernames (or other information) at the time of sign up, then by putting some more efforts, you can easily find out their interest.

2. Upgrade Content

Now that you know the interests of your subscribers, the next step is to appeal to their needs and interest. You can incorporate a short preview or summary of your blogs into the emails, giving a brief insight into the post. Make sure to be reader-specific by only sending relevant content.

Since it is based on their interest, you can invite them to click through to the blog post. This technique is very simple but it works wonderfully every time, many marketers have boosted their subscription and engagement rates up to 30 % through this.

You can timely upgrade your blogs and create new emails on them. It saves time and energy yet offers uncompromised effectiveness.

3. Social Sharing

One thing to understand is that in the end, you need to keep your focus on the performance of your emails in getting click-throughs to your website and how much your emails are helping in generating traffic for your website. To facilitate these click-through rates try to keep as fewer links as possible because so many links will confuse your subscribers which will eventually result in few clicks.

Adding a social sharing facility in your email is highly efficacious in increasing click-through rates. It helps to spread the message to even those who haven’t subscribed to you yet. In this way, they become your visitor despite zero direct connection. Even If your recipients are not clicking on the blog to read it completely but sharing it because they like the preview, then someone from their social circle would open the article which will give you multiple visitors and if they like the content then there is a high chance of them subscribing to your site.

4. Use Opt-In

If you have not used the opt-in feature in your emails yet then let me break it to you that you are living under a rock. Nowadays, this feature is a must for almost every online website and its email marketing team. Opt-in works very efficiently in getting more visitors and more subscriptions with minimum efforts as just a small piece of content can be used at multiple places, helping you achieve your target.

You can add an opt-in form on various blogs, at your home page, as a sidebar, pop-ups, top bar, and author bio, or as a blog post footer.

5. Feature Pop-ups

Can’t say that pop-ups are irritating because these have garnered around 190,000 subscriptions for several websites. So, what are you thinking? Feature pop-ups in your emails now. They are super easy to add and do not require day-night efforts. You just need to install a pop-up script or plugin, edit a few lines from the email content, and boom! That’s’ it.

6. Social Proof

Try to give social proof to your visitors by mentioning the numbers of your website subscribers and social media followers on your website. The more subscribers you have, the more it’s going to impress visitors. This will make your visitors want to know your content too like everyone else. Thus, you will get more subscribers, building up your email list.

7. Name Drop

Knowing the number of subscribers, you have will surely attract more visitors, but disclosing the names of influencers among your subscribers will make it even more effective. Since people look forward to famous personalities or influencers for genuine reviews, finding them out in your subscriber's list will increase your chances of getting better views and visits.


Building an email list can be quite time-consuming. The uncertainty and lack of knowledge cause many failures before you can find the right way. You might have built a massive list not even knowing whether the people you have added to your list are even interested in your content or not. However, if you follow through with these helpful ways, you can build up your email list much quickly and easily.

Another way to ease this process is by using CBT Mass Email Sender. The software is an excellent email service provider and list builder. Not only is it a time-saver, but also result-oriented.

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