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How to Write Killer Emails That Actually Drive Results

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07 Jan 2021

There are over 3.9 billion people using emails, globally. That being said, email marketing is an effective tool that provides your business with a high ROI and improved B2C engagement.

However, emails like every other thing, work in a certain way. You can’t just send out bulk emails to people and expect results. Sending out emails to the wrong audience can drastically affect your online reputation and lower your engagement rates.

Furthermore, it can also lead to people unsubscribing from your services, which completely contradicts the purpose of email marketing. Without any further ado, let’s dive into how to write killer emails that actually drive results.

Writing Effective Emails that Drive Results

Approximately over 293.6 billion emails are sent out and received each day, worldwide. But without proper strategies, your emails are most likely to be discarded because they do not convey the right message to the right audience.

Here’s how you can stand out amongst billions of emails sent and received every 24 hours. The first and foremost step that you need to follow is segmenting your mailing list.

With over 51% of marketers considering email list segmentation an effective means to target the right audience, it has become a must-have for all digital marketing campaigns.


When drafted and delivered in the right way, emails can be an effective means to get significant ROI on every dollar spent. The most recommended way to ensure that is the segmentation that adds a personal touch to every email.

It enables you to send out personalized emails that result in better overall engagement rates –thus improving B2C relationships.

“Segmentation refers to dividing a large audience into particular categories. The division is based on the similarity of your customers’ interests, demographics, and needs so that you can provide them with exactly the content that will attract them the most.”

With segmentation, your emails are aligned with your customers’ interests. They are based on your potential clienteles’ interaction with your brand, resulting in better click-through rates.

Furthermore, adding personalized touches to ensure your clients are happy with your services. For instance, you could send out action-driven messages e.g., sending out a thank you email after each purchase or providing your potential clients with an abandoned cart reminder and providing them with coupons that encourage them to make purchases.

However, with thousands of potential clientele, it gets challenging to send out personalized emails. To help you with that here is a short guide to segmenting emails. But before that, we have an even easier way out –CBT Mass Email Sender. This efficient emailing software turns segmentation a matter of seconds.

Ways To Segment Your Lists

A practical and easy way to segment your lists is by dividing your clientele based on factors like age, location, education, and gender, etc. Age and gender are two critical factors in writing killer emails that actually drive results.

You can’t interact with an 18-year-old and a 50-year-old in the same way. Similarly, men and women also respond differently to the contents.

Furthermore, you can segment your list using data such as your customer’s behavior and how they interact with your brand. You can make use of their past purchases, search terms, and offers or products that they frequently click on.

Marketers usually make changes in their marketing strategies via segmentation to ensure that their emails stand apart from the crowd. It also keeps them updated on their customer changing preferences and interests, enabling them to redesign their strategies accordingly.

Now that your lists are segmented, let’s head on to crafting emails that drive results.

Writing Goal-Based Emails

To plan out your journey you first need to know your destination; the same is the case with email marketing. You need to know your objectives before sitting down to write emails. Here are some objective-based emails that you can write for more click-through rates.

Here are four main types of emails known to generate leads and boost conversions. You can use these examples to draft compelling emails for your customers.

1. Welcome Email

Since the first impression is what matters the most, a welcome email holds exceptional significance in email marketing.

For instance, if you send out a random promotional email as soon as a potential customer subscribes to your email list, it might lead them to second guess their choice.

For a better B2C relationship, you can welcome them and provide them an info-graphic email that illustrates how they could benefit from your brand.

2. Abandoned Cart Reminder

Over 69.57 percent of people leave your site before they actually make a purchase. A great way to interact with them is to send out targeted abandoned cart reminders that reassure them that they’re purchasing the right item.

3. Confirmation Email

A confirmation email is what needs to be sent out immediately after a customer makes a purchase. It provides your recipients with vital information and proof of payment to reassure them of their investments.

4. Reactivation Email

In case you have followers but with low engagement rates, you can provide them with a reactivation email. This type of email serves as a way to remind your users of their inactiveness. You can use words like ‘it’s been a while’ or simply ‘we miss you’. These small strategies go a long way.


Writing killer emails that actually drive results requires segmentation based on characteristics like age, gender, and location. Furthermore, to improve B2C engagement rates, you can send out personalized emails based on segmented goals. Narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive are 4 basic types of emails that generate results –analyze your needs and utilize them in the best way possible.

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