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How to Write Good, Catchy Email Subject Lines

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06 Jan 2021

The subject line is the heart of your emails. It’s the subject line that a user is exposed to before the bounties within the email. Hence, to intrigue the user into finding out what’s inside, your subject line has to be catchy enough.

This brings to the major question of how to come up with catchy subject lines. To answer that we have compiled the most effective tips below. So, read through to decrypt the most beneficial ways of writing a subject line.

Ways To Write Catchy Email Subject Lines

1. Show Urgency

Subject lines imparting a sense of urgency have recorded exceptional results in every type of email marketing campaign. Be it promotional or reactivating emails, adding texts like ‘the times running out’ ‘limited time offer’ ‘first come first serve’ can put your readers under the impression of missing out on something beneficial.

2. Sprinkle Curiosity

Some subject lines are effective because they deliver the complete message. For example, “here is the update on your recommendation”. Here the reader knows what he’ll get in the email. Hence, he can easily decide whether to open it or not.

However, to increases the chances of the receivers opening your emails You need to create curiosity; intrigue them into opening your emails to find out more about the subject.

However, make sure you do not divert from the main message and your brand’s culture.

3. Add Deals and discounts

Who doesn’t like free items or discounted?!

That's the one thing to interest almost all subscribers in all cases. Although you describe the kind of discounts or offers you are providing, you can leave a cue in the subject line. For example, “here is a gift for our early birds”.

4. Ensure Personalization

Personalizing emails is to address each receiver with their name or specific identity. Seeing their names on the subject line instantly drives attention to it. Personalization also helps to create and distribute customer-oriented content. Since not all of your receivers have the same interest, they might even be dealing with different categories of products, hence, the content provided to should also be relevant to their interest.

Personalization is a breeze if you are using CBT Mass Email Sender for your emailing campaign. The software offers super effective subject line ideas.

5. Admired Individuals’ References

Your audience being normal humans must be inspired by some individuals. They’d pay attention to what they say and recommend and would be all ready to follow their likes and dislikes. Now it is your duty to find out what kind of individual are your audience most interested in and whether they align with your brand. Once you have your list of individuals you can mention them in your subject line to grab your reader's attention.

6. Add Persuasive Stories

Stories are one of the most effective ways of communication. They engage your users and lures them into finding out more about what you have for them. Thus, you can add a short, quick, and interesting story in your subject like to hook your readers.

7. Keep It Short And Meaningful

Subject lines are meant to be short and quick means of information. Putting efforts into crafting an interesting yet long subject line would only be a waste. They cut down to only a few words when displayed in the inbox. So why drain all your efforts into writing long paragraphs for your subject lines. Instead, keep it short and intriguing.

Moreover, most emails are viewed on mobiles which show a limited view; hence, we suggest keeping your subject line to shorter than 50 characters.

If you are having trouble with that, here is a quick tip. Try to identify the words that matter the most. Only incorporate those words into your subject line, leaving the others.

8. Use A Familiar Sender Name

Receivers view the sender's name across the subject in their inbox. Most of them don’t even read the subject line if the senders sound unfamiliar. Therefore, try to keep your sender's name as human as possible.

You can leverage your opportunity of meeting your customers by sending them emails by your personal name even if it's business-related. Seeing a familiar sender address will grab their attention and make your email look more important.

Remember!! Never use ‘no-reply’ as your sender address, never! It makes your emails look like they have been originated by a robot, and talking to a robot is the last thing people want to do these days. It ultimately leads them to mark your email as spam or instantly ignoring it.

9. State The Truth

Intriguing and lying are two very different phenomena. You can create an interesting and curiosity-arising subject line, but making false claims is prohibited even if it could increase your open-through rates.

Draft your subject line with all honesty. It should solely be based on the content of the email. For example, by mentioning ‘discount deals’ in your subject line while your email is about methods of growing potatoes, you’ll likely be losing subscribers soon.

10. Hint On What’s Inside

You can use your subject line to quickly tell your users what’s inside. It does not have to be a long complex sentence, neither should it be as vague as ‘here is it’. You can use for instance, “Here come the 7 habits of highly effective people” or “Your research report inside!” They are simple and meaningful which is better than a “Thank you for choosing us”. The reader will instantly know what they are going to find inside the email.

11. Use Action-Driven Words

Subject lines work like this. They are both meant to persuade people to take action. Hence, as in CTAs adding a verb at the beginning of your subject line makes it vibrant and enticing. Such subject lines are quite effective in creating excitement and making receivers click them. For example, you can write “Check out what your favorite actor is wearing to the Met Gala” instead of “Met Gala attires this year”


Subject lines are a crucial part of emails and hence cannot be compromised at any cost. But to drive the best outcomes, you have to keep them short, simple, and interesting. There is a list of many other things to ensure in your subject lines that we have listed above. Use these tips to craft the best subject lines that make readers click on your emails, thereby, improving your open rate.

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