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How To Write Fun Emails

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07 Jan 2021

Is your cat a secret spy agent?

This might be a funny subject line for most of your receivers, encouraging them to open the email. However, such a subject line won’t work for a medical equipment supplier, dealing with some serious customers.

Quick lesson: Humor adds spice to email but watch out for ulcer patients

Funny emails have proven to be quite effective for a lot of businesses, but the right way to incorporate humor varies for each brand. In some cases, it can even create confusion and misguide the receivers, which is even worse.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best funny email marketing campaigns that have recorded successful results. It would give you a good idea of how you can include humor in your emails.

Two Major Factors To Consider Before Writing A Fun Email

There are two primary questions you need to ask yourself before deciding to opt for a humorous emailing campaign.

Does the humor affect your message?

Depending upon the type of business, offering, and your relation with your customers, humor can either enhance or obnubilate your message. Since you do not want to make your audience laugh at the expense of the prime purpose –delivering the message, you have to be clear with your message first. If humor enhances your message, great! but if it does the opposite, better leave it aside and focus on the main part.

How will your audience take the humor?

Businesses deal with different types of users; some might be old while others might be in their early 20’s. Not all of them will prefer the same kind of humor. For example, referring to an old joke of about 50 years ago would make no sense to millennials. Similarly, referring to a recent meme in your email will only confuse older users. Hence, you need to add humor according to your audience’s preference.

Humorous Emails: Examples And Ideas

Here we have some great examples of how different brands have added humor to their email and what you can learn from them.

· REI’s Pet Venture

REI –Recreational Equipment, Inc. launched a fun pet holiday adventure for April Fool’s, announcing their new product line of travel necessities for pets. In a blog post, the company explained the different types of pet ventures they have include in the package. How would you feel about a kayaking trip for your pet fish?!

Just to avoid confusion, REI did not literally introduce any such adventures for pets.

· Thursday Boots Co.’s Thursday Glutes

Thursday Boot Co. has shown another good example of April Fool’s jokes to add in your emails. The brand took the chance to offer a Thursday Glutes exercise session. The email contained shots of their staff in 80’s workout attires and the company’s leather boots.

The company recorded an overwhelming response to the campaign as the idea was oddly funny and enjoyable. It convinced people to try out their leather boots.

· Lyft’s Earth Day Pun Email

Lyft knew exactly the taste of humor its audience would prefer, which led the brand into a creating a pun-filled promotional email. In the essence of earth, the brand decided to create awareness about the carbon footprint, telling people to ride a bike. Furthermore, it took the chance to promote its bike for those who didn’t have one already.

Their subject line included apricot and bike emojis to make it more interesting for the readers to click open.

· Harry’s Wisdom

Harry’s, an American men's personal-care company, designs interesting and quite engaging subject lines that despite not being funny make receivers open and read the emails. One of their subject lines was “Mom told you to wash your face, Find out why” While this might not be something funny, it is intriguing enough for most users because mom’s truly nagging on this on a whole other level. The body of the email discusses mothers’ wisdom behind stressing on washing the face.

· Chubbies Corn Dog Stats

Chubbies Shorts, who knew we could have a whole brand especially for men’s shorts, promoting shorter shorts and open thighs. The brand uses fun statistics to share the benefits of its shorts –for instance, one of its stats show how many corn dogs you’d be able to eat with Chubbies shorts in your closet.

Through fun stats and surprising data charts, the brand has found a great way to engage its audience and encourage them to take favorable actions –make purchases. Chubbies also use powerful CTAs like “Shwiiing” and “Go Back to the Future”.

· Huckberry’s Zoom Guy Joke


Your humor is not necessarily humorous to everyone. So before you excitedly click that send button, expecting an overwhelming response, you need to get try it out on some of your friends and coworkers. It’s really hard to put all your efforts to create a fun email only to delete it at the end because it’s not funny to others. But remember, once it’s out there is no going back, hence it’s better to be careful in the first place. Also, make sure your message is delivered clearly and is not hazed in humor. Since drafting a funny email can be time taking, you can use CBT Mass Email Sender to speed up the rest of the process.

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