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How to Use Marketing Automation For More Than Just An Email

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04 Jan 2021

Marketing is all about understanding your audience's buying habits and making them feel essential for your business. But knowing what your audience likes does not finish your work; instead, you need to work harder to send the right thing to the right person at the right time.

This is why 70% of marketers say that marketing automation tools are the reason for their success.

You can get an insight into marketing automation, how it works, the benefits of marketing automation, and some tips for effective marketing automation from this article.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using software to complete repetitive tasks. It can be email marketing, social media posting, and add campaigns to provide a personalized experience for the customers.

Marketing automation is used by sales and marketing teams to target customers to increase revenue and maximize business efficiency. An increase in income through marketing automation results from good customer service. Employees get time to focus on essential and more significant tasks when they know technology can handle small and repetitive tasks.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

No matter what your business scale is, automating specific business marketing tasks can contribute to the business's success, and this is why 49% of the companies use marketing automation. Following are the benefits of marketing automation.

· Saves time:

The majority of business marketers agree that marketing automation saves time, along with increasing customer engagement. Marketing automation lets you focus on more significant and essential tasks while managing small and repetitive tasks.

· Increase sale and revenue:

The most exciting benefit of marketing automation is that it helps increase sales, attracting marketers the most.

· Boost in customer engagement rate:

Marketing automation lets you send personalized messages without doing much work. It helps you send the right message to the right person at the right time, which increases the customer engagement rate.

Disadvantages of Marketing Automation

Whenever there are benefits, there are disadvantages also. Following are some disadvantages of marketing automation.

You cannot ignore that marketing automation takes time to set up. If you haven't an ideal customer profile or ICP, you could mistakenly nurture the wrong prospects. Or if you over-personalize it may look like an automated message.

Not only this, but automation tools are costly also.

Tips for effective marketing automation

· Be wise and smart:

Choose your marketing automation software carefully, keeping in mind that all tools are not necessarily designed for your business.

· Building contact list:

Build your marketing automation list with the people interested in your product. After all, what's the point of sending car showroom updates to teenagers.

· Segmenting:

Segmenting your contact list is as crucial as building it. It ensures that you are reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.

· Send personalized messages:

While sending automated messages to your customers, don't forget that they are not just numbers but actual people. Make your automated message look as automated as possible.

· Start with little:

Do not invest everything in automation initially; instead, start small and increase its efficiency with time. In this way, you will get ROI in no time.

· Content is the key:

Do not think that you are alone when you use automated software for repetitive tasks. Your competitors are working hard to gain customer's attention; hence it is essential to produce relevant content.

· Don't eat their brains:

Business exploits marketing automation tools. Because they set up the system once they start bombarding their subscribers' inbox folder, please don't make the same mistake as it leaves a negative effect on your customers.

Test and run:

Marketing automation must be tested through automation analytic tools

Tricks For Marketing Automation

1. The First Impression Is The Last Impressions.

Usually, when people subscribe to businesses, the first email they receive from the brand is about a product, service, or sale update.

Sending a welcome email can leave a good impact on your subscribers. It makes them remember your name because of the importance they feel upon receiving a welcome email.

You can greet your new customer through an automated email mentioning their email with offers if you have any new subscribers/customers.

2. Appreciate Them For Making The Purchase.

It is a good gesture to send a thank you message or email when customers receive the parcel, in case of online purchase. You can automate a thank you email to send to your customers. You can use CBT Mass Email Sender to send automated emails.

3. Keep In Touch With Your Current Customers

Marketing having good relations with customers can help you a lot with publicity. Through marketing, automation design offers, and discount messages, andyou can also send out question emails to know your customers' likes and dislikes.

4. Don't Forget Inactive Customers

While building up relations with your active and engaging customers through marketing automation, you can also reconnect with those who have lost interest in your business.

Email marketing automation can also help you re-engage with your customers by sending messages to your old customers. You can offer discount vouchers also. The goal here is to increase your business revenue by attracting your old customers who may now buy from your competitor.

5. Automated Reminders Can Help You Provide Value To Your Customers

Human beings consume and store big bags of information daily, making it possible to forget a little day to day things. It often happens that we order something and forget it afterward.

Sending reminders or order updates is also a way to connect with customers. In this way, your name stays in their mind. Event reminders or sale ending dates can also be part of reminder messages.


Marketing automation is not just for emails, but it serves many purposes. For instance, marketing automation can track, score, and qualify your leads. You'll also find better landing page builders and templates in marketing automation platforms. More powerful builders provide unlimited design options, which you can then leverage to create content that perfectly matches your brand.

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