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How to Use Autoresponders to Accelerate Your Growth

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06 Jan 2021

If you’re looking to expand your business and reach out to a larger audience, then look no further because we’ve got just the right solution for you! Email Autoresponders are the way forward.

Email marketing is now an integral part of the marketing strategy. More than 59% of marketers claim that email marketing is their biggest Return on Investment (ROI).

Email autoresponders are one of the easiest to implement automation, but when used in the right way, they can be a strong marketing tool.

What’s The Right Way To Use Autoresponders?

Let’s take a look at the various factors.

The Topic Is The Key!

Choose a catchy and appropriate topic for your email if you want it to get noticed. Your main objective is to provide the customer with the required information, which requires a trending topic related to your business.

How to choose a topic?

To choose a topic you might need the assistance of the general audience. The following methods can help you with that

Ask Readers

Asking a handful or selected few of your customers via email, telephone or surveys might prove to be beneficial as nobody knows what the customers want better than the customer themselves.

Use Social Media

Social media can be an easy and effective tool for collecting content-related information. Look at the top-performing blogs and posts and note what type of content gets the most recognition, likes, and shares.

Analyze your content

Assess your own content and try finding out what type of posts get the most engagement. Check out the most searched words and conduct a detailed analysis of your content. Identifying the trending topics will help you in choosing a topic for your email autoresponders.


Check out the popularity of various keywords and find out what’s trending.

Where To Start?

Once you’ve done your research, there are three ways forward and you can choose one as per your requirements.

Start Fresh

Based on the result of your research, you can start fresh and write new content for your autoresponders. Although this might prove to be quite tedious, it will be beneficial in the long term.

Utilize Old Content

Search your blog for posts that performed well and try resurfacing them for the new customers and subscribers because not everyone must’ve read your old blogs. This can save you from having to write completely new content from scratch and collection of these old blog posts can be grouped into attractive new content for an email autoresponder.

A Mega Guide

If you have written a complete guide about a specific topic then it can serve as the basis of your email autoresponders and will make the process of designing them, a simple and easy task.

Presentation Matters

After you’ve decided what content to use in your email autoresponders, be it some fresh content, old blogs, or a mega guide, the next step is how it should be presented. Presentation is everything in emails, so make sure you choose the best option.

Full Content In The Body

You can include the full content of your blog or post in the body of the email. This will make the email quite lengthy and the reader might lose interest.

Small Portion In The Body

Another option is to include some portion of the blog in the email (make sure it’s the most engaging part of the blog) and to add a link to the full post at the end of the email.


You can add the summary and main points of the blog in the email and encourage readers to read the full blog by clicking the link at the end of the email.

How To Deliver Autoresponder Emails?

Once you’re done writing the content for your autoresponder emails, the question is how to deliver them. You might consider the following options:

Set A Schedule

Set up a sending schedule for autoresponders and decide the number of emails your series will include along with the way they’ll be delivered. You can:


You can send one email daily or once a week and keep the readers engaged with your email series


Try different sending schedules and try to analyze which one gets the most engagement. It’d be wise to continue with this option.

One way to try both the scheduling method is with CBT Mass Email Sender -the best software for sending out tested and scheduled bulk emails. First, you can use it to test the best timing for your receivers then schedule it accordingly.

Length Of Series

An email series can be short or long depending upon the content and delivering strategy.


It can be a short series targeting new audiences as well as intended to keep the old ones engaged.


It can be a long series that talks about a topic in-depth. It can be useful for keeping your audience engaged for a long period.

Sell your idea

Make sure to present your idea in the most appealing way so that the audience doesn’t lose interest.

How should the final product look?

Regardless of the content, your final email autoresponder should be easy to read, attractive, and not too complicated.

Divide the content into small paragraphs, use bullets to increase readability. Use bold and underlined text to emphasize the keywords, this helps in catching the reader’s attention.

PS: Don’t forget to add a postscript because it is proven to be attractive.


Autoresponders can be an important tool for growing your business and reaching more audiences. Whether you’re starting new to the market or a veteran, it is always a good decision to use email autoresponders. The benefits of autoresponders include the positive engagement of the audience as well as an increase in consumer traffic.

The key to successful business marketing is the effective use of email autoresponders along with proper content and formatting. The email autoresponders will help in building trust as the messages appear regularly in the inbox of the consumer. If the content is well-formatted and engages the user, it will eventually result in sales.

The formula is simple, the more the user engages with your emails, the more likely he is to do business with you!

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