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How to Use a Giveaway to Accelerate the Growth of Your Email List

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19 Jan 2021

How to Use a Giveaway to Accelerate the Growth of Your Email List

Reaching out to a bigger audience requires an extensive email list. However, instead of growing an email list organically, many marketers consider buying an email list. They probably don’t know that purchasing an email list is unethical and against the laws of email marketing. Thus, you should avoid it to protect your emails from getting spammed and worsening your sender’s reputation.

Wondering how to build your email list organically?!

There are several organic lists of building ways to adopt. These include website opt-ins, newsletters, social media posts, and a few others. In this article, we’ll take you through the most effective yet organic list building technique -giveaways. Giveaways are very useful because people love free resources that add value to their life to some extent. You can use giveaways by running contests, quizzes, and games on your website to collect emails. Find out more about it in the article below.

What Are The Benefits Of Giveaways?

According to marketing research, on average 34% of new customers are converted through contests.

Giveaways for list building can provide you with a number of positive outcomes, including

Increase In Social Sharing

If you have set the condition of sharing your post to enter the giveaway, participants will share your post on almost all of their social media accounts. This would result in more social sharing which will increase your brand recognition.


The giveaways are cheaper than running other marketing campaigns like Facebook ads. The cost would be of the prize and the management process.

Triggers Immediate Action

The giveaways create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out), which results in people taking immediate action and instantly providing their emails.

Protects Your Sender’s Reputation

When providing emails for a giveaway people agree to receive emails from you so that they can stay updated about the winner, prizes, and other giveaways. This reduces your chances of getting spammed and negatively affecting your sender’s reputation.

Shows Your Concern Towards The Audience

Giveaways show that you care and love your audience, which instantly increases the chances of people sticking to your brand.

Save Time

Unlike other marketing channels, the giveaways are not very technical and require very little time to setup.

Generate Leads And Sales

Giveaways can generate leads by converting people into your customers, eventually leading to more sales.

What Are The Best Practices For A Giveaway?

Have A Target Audience

Defining your target audience is the foremost step that you should take before running a giveaway. Your targeted audience is the people that are interested in your product or service. You can research your competitors to find out their targeted audience and use them as your own audience.

OptForAn ESP (Email Service Provider)

ESP (email service provider) are those companies that let you build your email list and campaigns. Before running a giveaway, opt for an ESP like CBT Mass Email Sender to collect emails when someone enters your giveaway. It will collect all the emails when someone will enter your giveaway and build you an email list of quality subscribers.

Use A Reliable Contest Builder

To run your giveaway, you have to set up a contest on your website where people will participate to win the prize. Using a reliable and powerful contest builder will help you in creating interactive and engaging content for your giveaway. KingSumo and RafflePress are some of the best WordPress plugins to build a beauty contest for your audience.

Select An Attractive Prize

Prizes are the soul of giveaways; they work as an incentive to drive your audience to participate in your contest. Prizes that aren't valuable and useless can result in having a bad impression towards your audience. Thus, they will not consider participating in your giveaway contest.

Choose a prize that is related to your product or service as you are targeting the audience that is interested in your product/service. For example, if you have an e-commerce website selling sneakers, you can give a free pair of sneakers that are high in demand free as your prize. This would attract people who are sneakerheads and collect emails from them.

Have Clear Giveaway Rules

After setting up the prize, you need to clear your giveaway rules to your audience to avoid any hindrance afterward and keeping the contest fair and legit for everyone. Here are a few things mentioned below that you should clear to your audience:

Build And Publish Your Giveaway

We have discussed earlier that KingSumo and RafflePress are one of the best contests building plugins for WordPress. Once you have created the contest, you’ll have to connect your ESP to collect the emails of the participants. You can create giveaway pop-ups on your websites or send emails to your existing email list to announce your giveaway. You can also use your social media platform to inform your followers about the giveaway.

Examples Of Successful Giveaways


Giveaways are very effective in accelerating the growth of your email list organically. They yield various benefits that can help you in generating more sales and increasing brand awareness. However, you need to continue interacting with your audience after the giveaway to sustain your email list like running small giveaways every month to keep them engaged with your brand.

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