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How to send perfect Birthday email

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05 Jan 2021

No doubt, emails are an essential tool in internet marketing. Have you considered sending birthday emails?

If not, this is when you should start to consider sending a dedicated birthday email to your email subscribers. After all, a birthday is the most important day in someone's life which is celebrated only once a year.

What is a Birthday Email?

Birthday emails are exclusive emails containing gift coupons, sale coupons, free delivery, etc., for the particular subscriber whose birthday is arriving.

It is an excellent and efficient way to generate sales or raise the subscription rate for new users. In simple words, companies can show concern to their clients through birthday emails that can help them stand out in the crowd.

However, sending birthday emails can only be helpful when done correctly. This post contains insights you need to know about birthday emails.

Importance of Birthday Email

Birthday emails can increase the conversion rate and open and click rate; after all, who will not respond to a free discount voucher.

Let's look at some statistics presented by Experian back in 2014 to know the importance of birthday emails.

● A 481% higher transaction rate than promotional emails

● A 342% higher revenue per email than promotional emails

● A 179% higher unique click rates than promotional emails

Aren't these shocking!

Yes, a birthday email generates more response than a promotional email.

Not only this, the birthday email gives you a reason to reach out to your customer to stand out in an inbox full of promotional emails.

Campaign for Birth Date Collection

Before learning how to write, design, and arrange birthday emails, let's first understand how to gather birth dates to use them later on.

The most helpful way to gather data from your customers for birthday email is to add a field in your subscription box or inquire for birthday information during your customer signup for an account.

Never forget to mention the justification for asking your customer for such kind of personal information. You can use the templates given below.

● Let's celebrate your birthday together.

● Get some extra on your special day.

● We want you to feel special on your special day.

Some organizations ignore the significance of birthday emails or are often too late to understand their mistake by not gathering data to send birthday emails.

Learn from the fault of others. Start gathering data from your clients now by running a campaign. If you have a long list of people who have already subscribed and you missed their data for birthday emails.

You can send emails to old subscribers from whom you did not collect birthday information before. As mentioned earlier, please do not ask for personal details from your subscribers without saying the reason; otherwise, they might feel uncomfortable.

Sending an email for birthday details with a clear subject line stating the reason for it might also help bring back non-active customers.

How to Write Birthday Email

People wait for birthday presents and unique birthday wishes from others on birthdays, which makes them feel special. Writing an email will act as a birthday greeting, whereas it might help increase your future profits.

Companies do not bother sending discount codes to people on their special day, holding them to increase their sales graph.

The following are the things you can offer as a birthday gift to your customers.

● Gift voucher

● Discount coupon

● Free shipping

You can schedule your birthday email in a sequence to make it look like a count down.

Pre-Birthday Email

You will build the enthusiasm or interest of your client in this email. In this way, you will offer a sense of significance and concern for your client. Through this practice, you can increase the birthday email open and click rate.

Email on Birthday

What is the point of sending a pre-birthday text if the client is not going to get a special gift on their special day?

Mention the gift you are offering in this email with the expiry date (if any) to create the urge to use that bid immediately.

Post-birthday Email

This is going to act like a cherry on a tart. Although it is optional to send a post-birthday email, it will help you remind your client about your brand, particularly about the deal you offered.

Always send your post-birthday email before the expiry date of the free coupon. In this way, you'll alert the customer if they have forgotten to avail of the gift from your end.

How to Design Birthday Template

It is not enough to deliver free presents or send pre / post-birthday emails. You need an excellent birthday email template also, to send a perfect birthday email.

Most email service providers provide free email models for birthdays. You can pick from there or modify them according to your theme and niche using their customization option. You can also hire a professional template designer because it's worth investing your capital.

Be particular about the color theme that you select, including the CTA button design. Keep in mind; it's a birthday email. It has to look like a celebration. The easiest way to achieve this is to use bright colors that create a festive atmosphere, including elements of the birthday party to keep things light and casual.

Using GIFY is the next level idea. Practically speaking, several organizations are already visually attractive to their customers by using GIFY in their birthday emails.

Final words

People get lots of emails from their friends and relatives for birthdays, so try to keep the birthday emails short and enticing. Do something to keep the email cheerful to reflect pleasure and joy. To stand out in a crowd of emails, use a unique subject line. Give your client an indication of what you offer so that they do not refuse, but open your mail and read it.

We understand the hassle of sending additional birthday emails to thousands of people. Use CBT Mass Email Sender to send out birthday emails to your target audience.

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