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How to Send Mass Email in Outlook

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04 Jan 2021

Microsoft outlook is the 4th biggest name in the list of Internet Service Providers. Many businesses and people use Outlook to send personal and business marketing emails due to its user-friendly interface.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to send mass emails at once to your friends, family, boss, colleague, or customer with some limits. If you send emails to the same addresses frequently, you may go for the contact group.

Mass emails mean “sending the same message to different contacts at once.”

What we are going to cover in this article:

● Step by step guide to sending mass email in Outlook.

● Why should you avoid sending mass emails in Outlook?

● Why use email service providers for mass email?

Guide To Send Mass Email in Outlook In 6 Easy Steps

You can send bulk emails in Outlook using ‘Microsoft Word.’ Following these simple steps will help your send out your first bulk email.

Step 1: One Microsoft word and type in your email.

Step 2: Select the ‘mailing ribbon’ option from the dashboard at the top.

Step 3: Select ‘start mail merge’, then click on email messages in the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select the recipient and choose from the given three options.

  • Type a new list: Here, you will manually add contacts.
  • Use an existing list: Here, you will choose a CSV (excel) file from your system. You need to prepare the file with the name and email of the recipient in advance.
  • Choose from outlook contacts: Here, you will manually choose email addresses from existing outlook contacts.
  • Step 5: After selecting the recipients, click ‘Finish and Merge’ and then send email messages.

    Step 6: In the Merge to Email Pop-up dialogue box, enter the email subject line and then press enter or click OK. You’ve sent bulk emails to the contacts.

    Why Avoid Sending Mass Emails in Outlook

    When it comes to comparing the advantages and disadvantages of using Outlook for sending out bulk emails, the penalties are on the heavier side.

    The following are the factors that will be compromised if you choose Outlook as your internet service provider for sending bulk emails.

    Limit on Number Of Email Send Per Day

    Outlook, with its good internet service providing service, fails to satisfy its customers with the number of emails allowed to send each day.

    You can understand these problems of Outlook if you are already a user. But if you are searching for internet service providers and thinking of using Outlook for the purpose, we would recommend you to think again.

    Unlike other email service providers, Outlook allows you to send only 300 emails each day irrespective of type and reason for sending emails.

    Businesses do send not only marketing emails but also thousands of transactional emails each day. If you want to send a big happy birthday email in bulk quantity to your customers, you can easily estimate that 300 is far more required.

    Absence of Templates or Designing Features

    Outlook does not provide its customers with email templates or features to customize email, which is essential for marketing, especially for birthday email campaigns.

    No Analytics to Check Campaign Performance

    Email marketing is crucially all about testing and analyzing. You try out a different subject line, email template, customer approach, or many other things and explore the performance to improve open and click rate.

    The essential feature, i.e., statistics, and analytics of your email campaign, are missing in Outlook. Not being aware of the database increases your chances of being marked spam if your email is not performing well, and you are still sending the same email or same type of email to customers.

    This seriously harms your IP and Domain reputation also.

    There Are Chances to Get Marked As Spam Email

    Email marketing has the highest ROI (Return on Investment) rate, i.e., $32-44 for each $1 invested. For this reason, business invests their time and capital to identify how they can achieve high open and click rate.

    But what if you are continuously testing new subject line, email type, content, etc. and your email is not reaching your customer inbox,

    It can happen because of your ISP. Webmail like Outlook and Gmail are not designed for bulk email. Using these to send a mass email can get you marked spam by both the recipient’s ISP and the recipient itself for suspicious activity.

    Why Use Email Service Providers For Mass Email

    Email marketing is exceptional for increasing sales and needs to be done carefully to see the desired results.

    Several internet service providers are offering several advantages. While choosing one, you need to compare the number of advantages and disadvantages you’ll get by using a particular ISP.

    We encourage you to try CBT Mass Email sender to send out thousands of emails at once at lightning speed in just three simple steps.

  • Enter your email account and configure your sending settings.
  • Enter your message.
  • Send your message to thousands of emails.
  • The following are some benefits you can get using CBT Mass Email sender, which Outlook does not offer.

    Increase open rate: through CBT Mass Email sender, you can increase your inbox rate, eventually increasing click and available quality. It helps you avoid getting spammed using blacklist and intelligent filters.

    Customization: It allows you to customize your message to make it more appealing.

    Unsubscriber Suppression List: The most significant benefit you can enjoy using CBT Mass Email Sender is not wasting time maintaining a subscription list. The software automatically adds all new subscribers to your email list while removing those unsubscribed in real-time.

    Send anonymous emails: CBT Mass EMail Sender support proxies and VPN to let you send anonymous emails.

    No more software update Hassel: CBT Mass Email sender knows the hassle of daily software updates, especially when paid. Simultaneously, you can’t use the same old version because the software update is also important. CBT Mass Email sender offers you a free lifetime software upgrade.

    Concentrate on your email marketing. Let us handle the rest.

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