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How to Send High Volume Email

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05 Jan 2021

Bulk mailing means sending a high volume of emails at one time or in just one go, it consists of the marketing of sales-lead messages, and it is beneficial when we need to send high volumes of emails. This means not breaking down the set-list into lots of smaller sending lists. Due to the increased demand for highly personalized and tailored marketing campaigns in recent years, bulk mailing was just like a long-lost sports game practiced by Email Marketers.

Email marketing organizations, trainers, and experts advised going down the route of personalization and tailored messaging vs. bulk-mailing because of the various features it provides you. It includes effective engagement and improved sender scores. But, there is still a prevailing need to send large volumes of emails within some industries, even though most industry advice you read would be against it.

Send a high volume of emails:

Marketers preferred high volumes because they need a highly reliable email infrastructure with secure deliverability.

CBT mass email sender is a competitive email marketing brand that helps clients to send emails in bulk.

What is there to help with bulk mailing?

Some of the top-ranked organizations need high volumes of emails to send even for one process or event, there are some tools used for this purpose, and you can adopt them. Still, it doesn't mean that you differentiate between high volumes or having great emails.

Take a look at it how it could help:

1. Utilizing a Dynamic Content approach:

By using dynamic content, we manage bulk emails successfully, and this is one of the top ways to manage bulk emails.

The dynamic content tool is handy for enabling your marketing operation to take revenue of heightened personalization and hyper tailoring of every aspect of your email's content, without manual segmenting of your campaigns or managing multiples sends.

It is a very useful tool. It works by changing your email content's entire sections depending upon the criteria you set, providing each recipient with customized email content specific to them.

This applies to huge volume sends by allowing these sections of your emails to be tailored to your recipients based on their preference data, behavioral information, and other elements.

2. Intelligent Segmentation:

By dividing your list and sending important data to each portion, you may increase open rates, decrease unsubscribe rates, and improve email deliverability. One of the best ways is that if you use the "if-else" content block to send large content, this will enhance your efficiency. We use this solution for displayed content based on the information held about the user. In case gender is known about the subscriber, different content will be shown relevant to individual recipients at scale without the need to create multiple versions of the same email manually.

3. Using multiple delivery vendors:

Using various traders can increase your core email marketing operation's productivity and provide increased reliability.

Using various patterns can also ease the sending burden of a massive volume of emails by sending vast numbers over many SMTP to reduce delivery problems. Most Email Marketers handle multiple SMTP and ESP accounts.

4. How to measure a high volume of emails:

If you've got more than 50,000 unique email addresses, we consider sending a large volume of emails at campaign monitor.

With this large content, you must keep in mind some essential things to gainrevenue by providing your services to your email list.

5. Drive strategy with analytics:

Gigantic email lists create a unique and perfect opportunity for fragmentation and data-driven decision technique. It's not as difficult as it looks like: use automation to maintain your campaigns more tight and personalized.

After sending out a campaign, you need to focus on your performance matrices. As the average of a more significant accumulation, you'll get a more precise picture.

6. Deliver quality over quantity:

If you emphasize quality,you will get higher open rates. Low-quality content leads to a bad email sending reputation, which will affect your performance and destroy any other efforts you may make.

7. Keep your email list healthy:

Churn is significantly typical and commonplace. A high churn rate indicates errors with either from the campaign or the list. A high churn translates into a high bounce and unsubscribes rate. If the bounce rate gets too high, you may run into problems with your ESP. Maintaining your email list good and healthy helps to minimize this problem.


Sending large volumes of emails has one other critical feature that due to this we can increase our efficiency and reputation as well:

When you send emails at a large volume, you take the high risk of getting on an internet service provider's wrong side, especially if you violate the CAN-SPAM Act.

Sending too many emails will result in landing you on their radar. Working with the famous ESP helps avoid getting suspicious, but keep one thing in mind that if you are engaged in poor emailing practices, it doesn't help.


To get more revenue, you need to send high volume emails, but you must send high-quality personalized content at the right time. Profitable email marketing campaigns help a lot in turn mass email sending into an advantage-generating powerhouse.


The good news here is that for Email Marketers looking to accomplish huge volume sends, there's now more of a choice of tools to help you do this than picking between bulk mailing and good content emails. Acquiring these solutions we've discussed above will help you succeed against your business needs and deliver what your ever-demanding clients want to receive.

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