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How to Rescue Your Dying Email Open Rates Before It’s Too Late

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06 Jan 2021

The term marketing generally refers to promote a particular product or service to a wide array of people. Email marketing has satisfied a wholesome portion of marketing by designing captivating intent-focused emails and sending it to specific segments of the targeted audience. Daily 306.6 billion emails are sent and received but have you ever thought about what proportion of these emails get a read and where your email lies? - Read or unread folder.

The success of this old yet effective communication strategy- email marketing entirely depends on your marketing email getting opened and being read. How would your targeted audience know about your brand and what you have to offer them unless you are not capable enough to create an enticing marketing email? Only one-third of the total amount of marketing emails get a read despite the fact that an average American spends 5 hours reading and replying to various emails. Being an efficient email marketer, you just have to comprehend the useful tactics that can help you achieve increased open rates directly leading to better sales.

What roles open-rates in email marketing play?

There are several phases of a marketing email that predicts its results but the most vital metric is the open rate. A good open rate indicates that your email is being read and, people are interested in your mentioned offers and want to purchase from you. Here are some more pivotal roles of an open-rate in email marketing.

The higher the open rates- the more chances of your email marketing success. But, sustaining a good limit of email open rate is not easy. You have to regularly update your marketing email to ensure your email marketing progress. If you are a novice email marketer and have not grabbed the open rate flow yet or have recently observed a sudden decline in your email marketing open rate then CBT Mass Email Sender comes to your savior. This software is designed to rescue your dying email open rates before it's too late. Moreover, you can also opt for these tips and techniques to reach your ultimate aim of higher open rates of your marketing emails.

How Rescue Your Dying Email Open Rates Before It’s Too Late

· Create A Balance

The first and foremost reason for your email open rates decline can be your very high or very fewer numbers of marketing emails sent daily. A good rule of thumb is to go for approximately 1 marketing email on daily basis and not go above this unless it's urgent. Your reader would most likely feel irritated seeing your repetitive email in his email inbox and might unsubscribe from your list only because you're saturating his inbox. Neither send too many emails at once and nor rest for days after sending one marketing email. Be consistent with the sending process and keep a regular check on your customer views of your marketing emails.

· Add Value To Your Content

The very basic sign of your email getting opened is the images being viewed and the links being clicked. To securely land your marketing email into subscribers’ inbox, get a thorough check on these two things. Try to optimize your images to increase opening rates and reduce loading time. Check your mentioned link at least twice from different devices to ensure that your readers are being landed on the exact authorized page.

· Work On Subject Lines

Subject lines are the primary aspect of your emails that are the most prominent in your subscribers’ inbox. They have a direct impact on your email marketing success.

To distinguish your email from numerous other marketing emails, make your subject lines short, attractive, intriguing, and personalized. It will help you grab your reader's attention and he will end up giving your email content a read. Subject lines can help you enhance your open rate by 84% which is HUGE! Design your subject lines in a way that reflects your brand image and personality. It must look like coming from a reputable brand.

· Segment Your Marketing Email

Another reason for you not reaching up to the mark open rates can be generalizing if your emails. Creating and sending out general emails means you are treating all your subscribers the same way, which is not a preferred strategy. Instead, you should segment your email list. It is among the most efficacious email marketing strategies that can incredibly get you a spike in your open rates. Personalized emails are capable of delivering six times higher transaction rates and a 57-63% increase in engagements and conversions.

· Clean Your Email List

The most common mistake email marketers do these days is that they augment their email list to thousands of subscribers without paying attention to who their target audience is. Such an unfiltered mailing list drains out your precious resources over uninterested and uniformed subscribers.

No matter what your email progress is, it's equally essential to have a periodic email list cleaning and churn out all your cold subscribers that have been unresponsive for a long time now. Use your quality time and energy on the targeted audience and offer them exclusive perks to regularly give an insight into your marketing emails. Give this aspect sufficient attention and you'll witness success in no time.


Your amazing content and artistic headlines are futile if they not getting viewed by interested receivers who’d appreciate them. By using efficient email marketing strategies you can easily reach your expected and targeted email open rates and successfully meet your target sales. Diligently working on these parts of your email will surely get you a 3 to 4 % significant increase in your email open rates which is more than enough and worth your time reading this article.

Amir Khan
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