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How To Remedy A High Email Unsubscribe Rate?

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04 Jan 2021

An unsubscribe rate of about 1% is considered normal. If you see even the slightest increase in that, take charge right away.

I know what it feels like when you spend your days and nights designing, manipulating your email to get more sales, and in return, your subscribers decide to leave. It does feel bad at the time; however, the unsubscribers are actually somehow favoring you as you should not be spending your time and resources on people who do not want it.

However, if the unsubscribe rate starts to expand out of the safe zone, you need to develop strategic solutions to bring them back to normal. Here are some of the most effective ways to reduce your unsubscribe rates and maintain their optimum percentage.

What To Do When You Are Getting Higher Unsubscribe Rates?

When you get higher unsubscribe rates of more than 1%, you need to ask yourself many questions mentioned below to fix or reduce the unsubscribe rates.

1. How Frequently Are You Emailing?

Oftentimes people unsubscribe to a particular sender due to excessive emailing. People get frustrated when they constantly receive multiple emails in a short time from a particular sender. You should schedule sending emails weekly or monthly or ask the subscribers the frequency at which they would want to receive your emails. This can improve your communication with your subscribers and strengthen your relationship.

2. At What Time Of The Day You Are Sending Emails?

Along with the frequency of sending emails, the time of the day at which your subscribers would receive your emails is also important. You can try different times of the day to send emails according to your subscribers' locations until you find the perfect spot for sending your emails. Usually, people want to receive emails during waking hours as 17% of Americans check their emails as they wake up. Besides, to minimize the effort of finding the perfect timing to send emails, you can ask your subscribers about the timings of the day they want to receive your emails.

3. Is The High Unsubscribe Rate Due To A Particular Campaign?

A particular email campaign might not be adding value to a segment of your subscribers, like promotional emails of a product related to old age people won’t be valuable for the teens. If this is the case, you can easily fix this issue through a few tweaks in segmentation. You have to segment according to your subscribers' characteristics like their purchasing habits, genders, ages, etc. This can help your email campaigns according to the interest of your subscribers. For instance, your email campaign is introducing new makeup products for women. Thus, you’ll send targeted emails to women only. However, if you send those emails to men, there is a high chance that they’ll unsubscribe.

4. Have Your Recipients Agreed To Receive Your Emails?

If you send your emails to those who haven’t allowed you, this probably can be the biggest reason for your high unsubscribe rates. It would be best if you understood that sending mass emails to random people doesn’t give you the profitable result you are looking for. This is because they are not interested in your content and can even mark your emails as spam. The easiest to take permission from your audience before sending them emails is through providing them with sign-up forms when they visit your website.

5. Did You Promise A Certain Type Of Content, But You Are Not Fulfilling It?

If you are not delivering the type of content, you have promised to provide your subscribers with, and your unsubscribe rate would definitely be high. In this case, you should immediately stop sending irrelevant emails to your subscribers. For instance, an individual has signed up for your newsletter with the expectation to receive information on self-improvement but end up getting endless promotions -he will soon unsubscribe you. They would probably not like it and hit the unsubscribe button. Thus, it would be best if you stuck to the promise that your recipients have relied upon, or you would not like the consequences.

6. Are You Producing Good Quality Content?

Sending quality content to your subscribers is essential to retain subscribers. You have to make your content worthy by keeping it more informative and practical. Moreover, to improve the quality of your email, you can adopt certain themes that look alluring. I would recommend you go for minimal design because they look more clean, elegant, and professional, or go for your own design choice. This can instantly personalize your emails to look much better. Moreover, if you are sending emails promoting a certain product, adding tips and tricks to use that product more effectively can make a good impression.

7. Are Your Emails Spammy?

What’s harsher than unsubscribe rates is your subscribers spamming your emails. To make sure that your emails don’t look spammy, you should consider a few points:

Final Thought

If you have more unsubscribe rates than 1%, follow our instructions wisely, and see a breakthrough. It would help if you always remained honest and open to your subscribers, improving the relationship between you and your subscribers.

The takeaway mentioned below are the essence of this whole article, which you must follow:

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