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How to Personalize Your Emails for Better Engagement in 2021

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06 Jan 2021

Do you also get pretty attentive when someone calls you by your name? Well! That's human nature. We respond more effectively when we are addressed by our names. Marketing also works like this. We often get attracted when a marketer talks about its product with relevancy to us.

Email marketing is one of the most appropriate and professional ways to promote your product and service.There are numerous tips to get your marketing email, better engagement, and multiple sales.Personalizing your emails is one such strategy. It can get you magical results and unexpected responses. It may sound ordinary to you, but in an era where daily thousands of marketing emails are sent and received, it isn't easy to outstand your marketing email and get a quick open.

Personalizing your marketing email for better engagement in the right way is not a piece of cake. It needs proper direction to succeed and get the desired results. Personalizing your email can drive 6% higher transaction rates by boosting up your sales.

However, around 60% of email marketers face trouble while personalizing their emails and ultimately fail in this prolific marketing strategy.If you are also struggling with email personalization, here we have some amazing tips for you to benefit from.

Before we dive into the tips, let’s first introduce you to the best personalization tool available in the market -the CBT Mass Email Sender. It allows you to personalize your emails in the most professional way with near-to-zero efforts.

6 Simple Tips For Personalizing Your Email For Better Engagement

1. Explore Your Audience

The only way you can reach better user engagement by personalizing is by gathering adequate customer information. Having plenty of information regarding your customer will get you a clear view of your customer's mind. Marketing is all about reading your customer mind and manipulating them.

Asking direct questions to get the answers could look very inept as 28% of customers complain about brand stealing their personal information. Instead, you can start with intriguing, humorous subject lines or mention facts or upcoming offers that can persuade your reader to share his preferences.

A personalized subject line can help you get 7.4% higher click through rates.

You can also opt for Polling.It is a great way to get natural yet expeditious answers to your creative questions.

2. Correct Segmentation

Once you've gathered enough information about your customer, it's time to design a layout. You can never attempt a proficient personalization until you have segmented your recipients according totheir choices and requirements.

To segment your email, you can make separate columns and sections and distinguish your most active and less active customers according to their likes and dislikes. Make strategic plans to offer more incentives to your active users because of a past relationship and offer perks to your least active users to bring maximum engagement from their side. The influence of segmenting your email list is about 51% on email users.

3. Build A Community

Designing a customer community not only helps you build a strong relationship with your customers, but also aid in building a strong community of people who are your regular visitors and have similar tastes and choices.

You can simply do that by introducing your recipient to each other.This new recognition will encourage your customers to better indulge with your marketing campaigns and actively participate in them. Building these relationships will be very fruitful to your marketing sales and product revenue.

4. Create Customer Personas

A customer persona is a sender profile that helps identify your real-time customers and their responses on receiving your email. You cannot recklessly send tons of marketing emails daily and not check up on any response from the other end.

A customer persona helps to address your customer and ask what he wants to see in the emails generating lead magnets to grab his attention towards your marketing email. In this way, you can optimize your email the way your reader likes, and they might get impressed by your efforts and make a purchase upon encountering good customer service. Nearly 74% of marketers declare a rapid increase in customer engagement by targeting personalized audience.

5. Consider Time And Location

Many marketers fail to give sufficient attention to this aspect and hence fail to effectively personalize their emails. It's pretty easy to know your recipients’ location and then assess the time considering the fact that there are certainly some appropriate times of the day when your email has higher chances of being read. The best time to send your marketing email is between 9 am to 5 pm on a workday.

Personalizing your email based on time and location helps you get better and quicker responses as your reader might receive your email during scrolling and give an instant-read to it. Also, avoid sending your marketing emails on weekends because most email users prefer to spend family time and rarely use mobile.

6. Remember Everything

Remembering essential details about your customer can possess a very gentle impression on your customer. Celebrate small events with your customer, wish them on their birthdays or your anniversaries. You can also send digital gifts like a cute personalized GIF or a customized image. It would help in rejuvenating the customer-seller bond and result in better engagement in your marketing emails. An excellent personalized email marketing can produce a median ROI of 122%.


The only way to find what works for you best is to test yourself. Give a try to all of these efficient tips to personalize your email for better engagement and see the difference. Personalizing is a crucial step while designing a quality marketing email and must be updated at regular intervals to keep your customer engaged and rekindle this sensitive bond. Remember, your ultimate objective is to get higher open click through rates and persuade your reader to trust your brand by making a purchase.

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