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How To Optimize Your Email For Mobile

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06 Jan 2021

- What's the first thing we do after waking up? Most probably checking our mobile-phone. A research carried out by IDC states that around 98% of smartphone users in the US are more likely to check their phones as soon as they open their eyes. Millennials and middle-aged people are relatively more intrigued to check the updates with every new sunrise. You might also be reading this article on your mobile phone.

- Checking everyday notifications has become an integral part of an individual’s routine now. Either you are on your office break or stuck in the traffic, your favorite part-time would be to give a sneak peek at your mobile phone quickly. According to (global digit future), mobile consumption in a day has reached 61.9%, beating desktop with 29.3%, and tablet with only 8.8%. This research shows that mobile is now the first digital users' preference because of its compatible size and expeditious use.

- Most online businesses maintain their customer communication through emails. Almost every report on open email rates concludes that mobile is responsible for at least 50% of all opens, which shows that mobile phones are more preferred for email communications.

- Marketing and promotional emails are a massive part of our email list, but the most neglected one too. But it takes a lot of hard work for a marketer to design an impressive email. Still, most of the marketers are often unaware of the fact that emails previewed on mobile phones look entirely different than on a desktop. So what's the benefit of creating something that your viewer does not like? A viewer is the boss of his own; he would not bother to read your email if he doesn't like its outlook. 43% of consumers have marked promotional emails as spam, and 51% have unsubscribed from the list solely because the email didn't display well on their smartphones. That's huge!

An email that is not mobile-friendly has a high chance of getting deleted within 3 seconds regardless of how great of a content it contains.

Cons Non-Mobile-Friendly Emails

How Can You Optimize Email For Mobile?

1. Mobile Responsive Design

Your email format should be readable and clear enough to be read on mobile. Once you're done designing your email on your desktop, check how it appears on a mobile device. CBT Mass Email Sender is very helpful in evaluating your email campaigns and providing precise results. Responsive email designs result in a 15% increase in mobile users, ranging from 2.7% to 3.3% on average.

2. Make Use Of Distinct Subject Lines

The significance of a subject line is no more a hidden aspect. 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone or heading text. For your mobile-friendly emails, you must optimize your subject lines by keeping them direct and brief so that it can outshine among other emails on a small mobile screen. Using 40 characters is a good cap for an efficient subject line.

3. Mobile Responsive Template

Mobile responsive templates can be useful to conveniently design mobile-friendly emails. These templates are affordable and provide a clear idea of how your email will look on different devices. Using these templates, you can easily choose your design and formats without worrying about its appearance on other devices.

4. Incorporate Adjustable Fonts

While designing a mobile-friendly email, you must consider your target audience’s anticipated font preferences. Adults are more likely to keep their font bigger than millennials to ensure clear visibility.

It is better to keep the font size mediocre so that it can be easily viewed without zooming in. Some experts suggest using 5 words in a sentence to not overload the reader with the given information.

5. Mobile Friendly Images

if your emails consist of impressive high-quality images, make sure they are not heavy or affect the loading speed. It gives your email a very negative response when your content comprises of GIFs, videos, stickers that take decades to load. Many androids default with the pictures compared to IOS.

In case your email is not shown, but your alt text is there, the reader would have an idea of what the image is about and will continue reading. Also, less weight and sharp images can function well in marketing emails.

6. CTA's Placement

Once your reader is done reading your email and looks forward to taking an action, he’ll search for the CTA button. But if your CTA is too small or doesn't allow a fat thumb to click on it then your entire email is useless. In a mobile-friendly email, your CTA should be on top, bold, clear, and on a visible, and colorful button of 44× 44 pixels with free space around it to ensure maximum attention and response. Also, avoid using so many hyperlinks repeatedly as it bores the reader.


Mobile-friendly emails can be super effective in getting greater and quicker responses than a desktop campaign. Since emails appear differently on various devices, use the tactics shared in the article to make your emails mobile responsive, and record exceptional outcomes.

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